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DJ PositiveVibes And Her Savvy Marketing Strategy to Begin Her Music Career




DJ PositiveVibes is a DJ from Los Angeles, California who has recently taken the electronic music scene by storm with her new music releases. While most people release projects as musicians, DJ PositiveVibes chose to go a different route releasing four singles in back-to-back succession. This unique strategy has giving the California DJ an edge by blazing the electronic music scene with content.

DJ PositiveVibes aka Sherri Nourse has always been a fan of marketing. She has had success in the past with building three profitable businesses and her new DJ PositiveVibes music career will be her fourth. To celebrate this being her fourth business, on October 27th, 2020 she decided to drop four singles in a row. Each single she dropped was a quality piece garnering her the attention from her new music industry peers.

Sherri Nourse has always been the creating type to not be afraid to step out and try new strategies. Now with her new moniker of DJ PositiveVibes, she has done this once again and is on her way to another successful business move.

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