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Daniel Philip: The ace creative entrepreneur enthralling people with his lucrative business in the form of Atlas Creative Group (ACG)




Philip serves as an inspiration to others, becoming a titan in building businesses successfully.

Starting from scratch, learning through the process, having an attitude of a fighter, never giving up even after tasting failures is what a Toronto based entrepreneur Daniel Philip all about. His sheer passion and his drive to get closer to achieving his dreams is something many other aspiring entrepreneurs must learn and instill in them as great qualities. Not all get the right opportunities in life at the right time and even if they get, not all have the ability to turn those opportunities as a way towards attaining their goals. But, Philip serves as a great example of an entrepreneur who knows how to leverage each opportunity that life gives and turn them into extraordinary ventures.

Today, Philip is the founder of a creative, marketing and advertising firm called Atlas Creative Group (ACG), which is at the forefront of businesses in the industry. The company has become a global 8 figure holding company through not only the tireless efforts of Philip as the creative entrepreneur but also with the equal efforts and hard work of the team of learned, knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Atlas Creative Group (ACG) consists of creative minds and entrepreneurs who work day and night to help build global companies and brands. It is a global creative BPO agency that has offices across many countries in the world, including the Philippines, China and Canada. Amongst the several topnotch qualities of the firm, they provide services in business process outsourcing, product distribution and e-commerce management and development.

Philip came from a humble background and grew up in the soil. Through his growing years, he learnt many things and secrets about the toughness and resilience required in work, about working towards achieving happiness in promoting growth and also the true value of things created. His aim to achieve something bigger and better in life made him move from the farms and landed him into the world where he could launch his beverage company. However, due to lack of capital, his venture had to taste failure.

Not losing hope, Philip decided to stay on the path and continue walking towards his goals with determination and passion for his work. Today ACG is considered to be one of the leaders as a global creative agency and has marked a special place in the industry. They pride themselves in building consumer brands and service companies. They are already a strong and skilled team of over 300 people. All of these individuals are focused on building long-lasting and impactful brands.

Cuzette and Falcon Scooters are some of the successful brands they have built amongst the many. Philip aims to reach the growth of his company much beyond the people it is serving directly like the DP Watch brand, for example, have supported children in many developing countries with providing them with opportunities that they lack in life.

Philip has shown his prowess as a Shopify partner and an investor as well. He loves vlogging, surfing, and even travelling.

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