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Crixeo Compares Fiona to Braidwood Capital For Debt Consolidation Loans




Fiona is an online lending platform that brings consumers into contact with the right alternative lenders for their financial needs. Ed Miles, personal finance journalist for Crixeo, recently published a review on the popular online lending portal and awarded Fiona a 4.5 star review.  With this fast-moving portal, you can possibly gain approval from the best lenders within minutes if you are lucky.

And don’t think Ed gives out excellent ratings all the time.  He has recently published a 2 star review on Simple Path Financial and a 1 star review on Braidwood Capital and Simple path Financial and alerted consumers to a potential bait and switch scam.

According to Ed Miles of Crixeo:

“Fiona works with companies in the lending industry and offers pre-approval options from various lenders in seconds. Furthermore, it offers a straightforward website to quickly apply and approve a personal loan. If you are looking to save money and earn a little annual interest on top, they offer a savings account search engine that will find the best offers with the lowest APR. In addition, the company has been praised by many businesses and news agencies, including The Wall Street Journal, Crowdfund Insider, the Finance Magnates, and Dow Jones.”

Approval times are short so that you won’t face any uncertainty. The online form takes just a few moments to fill and within a short while of submission, you will have loan offers from the very best in the alternative lending sphere.

You will have the freedom to choose from a lender, offering you the best terms and conditions and the lowest interest rate. Thus, you can save time, money and effort that is required when searching for the lender offering the most generous terms.

Fiona Pros and Cons


  • Provides customers with highly competitive rates
  • Application completed in seconds
  • Only one application brings in multiple loan offers


  • Does not offer loans directly
  • Terms and conditions vary according to lenders

Suitable For

The Fiona portal is suitable for those with credit scores in the range between 580 and 800. Thus, the platform accepts a wide range of credit scores and is relatively exclusive, considering that the majority of the population has a credit score within the stated range.

Even if you have a credit score under 580, you may still be able to get a loan offer through Fiona. The only way to find out is through an application. Instead of guessing, you should take the initiative to apply via Fiona. In the rare instance that you are rejected, you still lose nothing more than a few minutes. Hence, you should apply without hesitation to try your luck and hopefully get good loan offers for your credit score.


Through Fiona, you can get loans as low as $1,000 and as much as $100,000. Hence, Fiona is a versatile platform for all sorts of financial needs. Whether you want to purchase a car or consolidate debt, you can do it all through Fiona since it offers loans that are large (or small) enough for a wide variety of needs.

The loans are unsecured so that you will not need to own any property as collateral. This is a welcome feature since many loan applicants do not possess the requisite property, which they can provide as collateral for secured loans. Since the loans are unsecured, you do not stand to lose any of your property in the event of default. So if you don’t own a home or a car then you are in luck for lenders do not demand any collateral at Fiona.

The only criteria for loan terms and offer is creditworthiness.


You are eligible to apply at Fiona if you are a US citizen over 18 years old. You will have to fill in the usual personal data in the online application form like annual income, homeownership status, credit score, employment status, the amount that you want to borrow, social security number, name and date of birth. This is a standard operating procedure at all lenders. In fact, conventional credit institutions and banks demand far more information, which can make the loan application process tedious and intrusive. You will see none of this at Fiona.

Another plus point is that Fiona resorts to soft credit checks only. This is a big boon for all users since soft credit checks do not dent your score unlike hard credit checks.

After performing the soft credit check, Fiona will submit this information together with the completed online form to multiple lending partners. Within the span of a few moments, you will start getting landing loan offers from all sorts of lenders, according to their specific terms and conditions.

Fiona even has a calculator that you can utilize to calculate the monthly payments as well as the loan terms for all offers that you get.

After selecting the best lender for your needs, you can click on the link provided to be whisked away to the lender website, where you are now free to converse with them. This is the point where the lender will perform a hard credit check for financial security and based on this information, fix the final loan terms and conditions. 

What Fiona Is About

Fiona is not a direct lender. On the contrary, it is an alternate lending market that brings you in touch with prospective lenders interested in making a loan offer.

Fiona has a network of trusted lending partners who can make loan offers according to their specific terms and conditions. Thus, you have the liberty of comparing multiple choices to find out which one is optimal for your unique circumstances.

Fiona works with the best lending names in the alternate finance sector. Even with a score as low as 580, you may still be eligible for a loan offer. The only way to find out is by trying. Thus, you should not hesitate to apply since the time span between application and loan offers is mere minutes. Besides your credit score, lenders will take other information into consideration like employment status, loan amount and income level. This is the information that you provided in the online form.

At Fiona, you can get loans as much as $100,000 and as little as $1,000, making it suitable for a diverse array of financial needs. Hence, Fiona is way ahead of other rival platforms that do not offer such varying amounts.

Repayment Terms

As Fiona is just an online market platform for the alternative lending sector, it cannot directly offer the APR and terms of the loan based on your data.

These terms and conditions will be set by the lender that is providing the loan offer. Terms and conditions vary according to the individual policies of lenders.

The good news is that with a good enough credit score, you may be entitled to an APR as little as 3.5%. Your repayment term may even extend to 84 months or 7 years. Such lenient and clement terms are practically unheard of in the alternate lending world.

You should apply with confidence at Fiona to understand the financial offerings that you are eligible for.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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