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Discover how Brother Ben X Digital Real Estate program helped another Black Man make $9000 in a single month




Jabari, a south Florida resident who frequently dotted back and forth from job to job finally found his calling through the Digital Real Estate program. After much disappointment with previous online teachers who claimed to help students make money online, Jabari grew very distrustful of ‘​social media influencers and gurus’ who claimed to have the same expertise. After making little to no results once completing his previous course and experiencing negligible business growth, Jabari became distrustful of online courses and was reluctant to invest in yet another course program. However, after coming across Brother Ben X’s online course and witnessing his personal journey as both a content producer and teacher, Jabari found new inspiration to give his online dreams another shot. Without any real prior business knowledge he joined the Digital Real Estate course earlier this year and has not regretted the decision. Since starting his online business, Jabari’s new goal is now to make $10k a month, through the Digital Real Estate strategy Jason King teaches.

“After attending the (Digital Real Estate) course I’d rather pay $1500 to learn everything in this course than be in $30k college debt just to walk out without knowing half of what you learnt”.


One thing that the global pandemic has demonstrated to us all just how quickly the old paradigm for success has been made obsolete as new rules have been ushered in. Now, in order to thrive in today’s climate, it requires that one develops the necessary skill set to participate in the online world of e-commerce. Developing this new technical skill and stepping away from the traditional mindset is what distresses most people. This was also Jabari’s topmost concern before accepting the course but after signing up he was quickly relieved to find that “​the whole course is step-by-step​”. Having spent over $5000 on previous courses which yielded no results, Jabari was “​mind-blown​” by the fact that he simply had to follow the blueprint that was laid out for the student. When asked in an interview what he enjoyed most about the Digital Real Estate program Jabari mentioned that once purchasing the package he could enter his course profile freely at any time and find new updated courses without having to pay extra. This was a relief for him since it meant that he would never miss out on a weekly class and could learn at his own pace with a community of experienced teachers who laid out the guidelines.

After experiencing a surge in business clientele Jabari now feels confident to upgrade his weekly target to $10k monthly. Will you join the countless of testimonies such as Jabari’s and start your Digital Real Estate journey?

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