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Danessa Elreya Does tarot readings




The earliest tarot readings were recorded far before our time, during the 14th or early 15th century. The oldest set known to have been created to this day is the Visconti-Sforza deck, which was made for the Duke of Milan’s family sometime around 1440. Since then it has risen in popularity making it easier than ever to get your chance at a professional reading and this is where Danessa Elreya comes in. She’s always had a passion for this type of work and now offers tarot card readings.

The purpose of tarot cards isn’t to tell the future as many believe. Instead, they are used for spiritual guidance. These readings are used to help people understand a certain situation and to receive insight for past, current, or future situations that may/will occur.

Along with this service, Elreya also provides more such as pendant making as well as other gifts and pieces of art that she sells online through her website. All of her art and pieces are handcrafted taking up lots of her time. Each is unique and the attention to detail involved in each is astounding. Ever since she was a young girl she’s had a passion for all things fairytale, magic, crystals, mythical elements, and really everything and anything that could be intertwined with spirituality. She began to have a strong affinity with gemstones – She loved learning about the meaning of the crystals, and what they represented culturally. She started collecting and gaining knowledge on these crystals growing up and she hasn’t stopped since.

For her it never felt like a job, it was her passion. She was making money from doing what she loved even if it wasn’t always easy. She had a lot to learn to start up her own business at such a young age. She didn’t know much about managing, content creating, taxes and all of the other business start-up essentials but with time and the help of her boyfriend Devin Wills, she was able to create a beautiful brand called Magical Intentions with a beautiful website where people could make the purchase of pendant necklaces and rings that were handcrafted.

Each ring is made with love and attention to detail. Elreya wants to make sure that every piece she puts out there is worthy of being worn. The beautiful pieces stand out and are meant to bring healing and good energy. The idea of necklaces and other wearable jewelry was for the sake of being able to keep the crystals on you at all times without risking dropping and losing them.

Another main reason that Elreya chose this job is because of her love of making others happy. She used to work at a gym and that’s where she gained her love for helping people feel confident and like their best selves. She always strives to provide the best customer service that she can to keep customers happy and reoccurring. As this is her passion she has no thoughts of stopping anytime soon and retirement isn’t even a thought. She would love to do what she’s doing forever as she genuinely loves it and can’t see herself doing anything else.

To find out more about Elreya and how you could get yourself one of her pendants, check her out on Instagram @danessaelreya

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