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Dan Folger’s Transition from Personal Photographer to Businessman




Taking time to learn the ropes about a business before setting out on a solo journey is always a good idea. Dan Folger agrees with this line of thought as it succinctly captures his journey as a photographer over the years. Being a gifted cameraman and photographer, Dan Folger worked with famous rapper Wiz Khalifa and many other musical acts like MMG’s Rocky Fresh G-Eazy, etc. Working with Wiz Khalifa gave Dan Folger all the exposure he needed as they traveled around the world on tour and other music-related activities.

Dan is building a name for himself with this affiliation and building great connections. However, deep within, he knew he had to start building his standalone brand and put all the connections he had built to good use. When he made the move, some of his friends just graduated college with no job prospects. He created a business with them, and together, they began building The GLD Shop, which is Dan Folger’s lifestyle brand that sells clothing and jewelry.

At 27, Dan Folger owns one of the biggest lifestyle brands in Miami, FL. He started in his parents’ basement, and today, The GLD Shop occupies a 20,000 square-foot space. It remains his biggest achievement till date, and he has many lessons to share from his experience. Dan enjoys his business a lot, but he wants young, upcoming entrepreneurs to know that nothing in life comes easy. His journey has not been without obstacles, but the things he’s determined to achieve have kept him going. “Many times, you will want to quit, but you have to keep going. Taking risks is also very important. Every successful person has taken risks. It’s a must,” he opines.

Dan Folger worked with many notable names in the industry from the early stages of his photography career, such as his position as Derek G’s right-hand cameraman. Dan Folger enjoys traveling and eating good food from all over the world. He has put in work over the years to ensure that people recognized his work by taking one look at his photos without a signature. Now that he is in the apparel business, the goal remains the same, but he now has more things to focus on.

The GLD Shop keeps growing year in and year out, and Dan applies every lesson he has learned over the years to the business. He once worked at a warehouse in the freezing cold, and he had no choice but to get up every morning despite the cold and go to work. Dan says, “All these things teach one a lot and shapes a person into a well-grounded and all-round person who can take on any challenge.” As a young man from Pittsburg, Dan Folger is committed to putting his name and background on the map, and he hopes to do that within the next few years.

Learn more about Dan Folger on his official Instagram page.

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