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NKims Closet: Rising Brand Built on Human Connection, Fashion, and Inclusivity




For consumers, NKims Closet, LLC represents superior quality and affordability. The brand promotes inclusivity in its mission to help women feel beautiful inside and out. Instead of restricting its clothing line to a particular size or shape, NKims Closet caters to women of all sizes. This commitment to empowering women makes it easy for customers to envision themselves wearing the brand’s products. 

NKims Closet patrons are hooked on the quality and trendy styles. They continue returning the brand, whether to buy clothes for themselves or their family and friends. It also helps that the company stands by its word on free and fast shipping. As a result, NKims Closet has consistently received stellar reviews from satisfied customers. 

When describing her brand’s products and services, NKims Closet founder Kim Nance alludes to the value of human connection. Because of her role models’ impact on her life, Kim considers fashion and human relationships as inseparable or at least interconnected. Kim developed her love for fashion as a young child in Los Angeles. Growing up, she often watched her mother and grandmother sew different types of outfits for Kim and her younger sister. The vivid scenes of running her hands through colorful silk fabrics and rubbing the clothes against her cheek are ingrained in Kim’s memory.

Driven by these experiences, Kim Nance developed a lifelong dream of owning a fashion boutique. The company started to come together with the help of a few other role models and mentors. Working with Marisa Kenson, MK Collab, and Vicki Gunvalson paved the way for Kim to establish a career in e-commerce. Through their tutelage, Kim had the opportunity to learn business structures and participate in meetings.

At the time, the systems and innovations that now take care of building teams, training people in finances, and updating inventory were still unavailable. Kim spent many years attending seminars at the Las Vegas Magic Trade Show before finally starting her brand. NKims Closet is the realization of her passion for dressing up and helping others put their outfits together.

The brand is specially designed to address the fashion needs of young adults and middle-aged women. These consumers maintain a keen interest in style and fashion and are always looking for new pieces to add to their collection. Women between 25 to 60 years are also more inclined to share exciting discoveries with their clique through social media, which serves as effective marketing for NKims Closet.

NKims Closet is built on the positive influence of inspiring individuals who helped make a fashion career an emotional and personal journey for Kim Nance. However, despite this foundation, Kim still went through a trying process and unforeseen challenges. With the platform that her growing brand provides her, Kim is encouraging others to hold on to their life goals and put in the hard work to learn and advance. The same philosophy of manifesting internal motivations guides NKims Closet. “If you feel good, you should look good,” says Kim. She adds, “Speak existence into everything you want to achieve as if it is already happening.” 

For more information on NKims Closet, you may visit the brand’s website.

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