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Chicago Based Russell Hart has Grown and Manages Large Instagram Pages Using Creative Ideas




Russell Hart, a Chicago based social media marketing expert, has been getting a lot of popularity for successfully running many Instagram pages for his clients worldwide. Till date, he has grown and managed many Instagram pages with a total of 30 million followers on them. Russell Hart started his journey on Vine in 2013 but later in 2014, he switched to Instagram to market different products as well as services, for his clients.

The social media marketer was born in St. Charles, IL and currently lives in Chicago. He switched to Los Angeles with other people from the same field and has practiced a lot to achieve a reputed place in the world of online marketing. Russell Hart has contributed to the success of many Instagram pages with the help of his exceptional digital marketing skills. One of the best skills of Russell Hart is that he adapts to the changes on Instagram platform at a rapid pace.

Using his new creative ideas, Russell Hart has contributed to the growth of many Instagram pages by working in collaboration with his business partners. Due to his creative ideas, the Instagram page, @deepandscary has earned over 1 million followers in just three weeks. And the Instagram page, @weirdanimation with 2.5 million followers has got a jump of 1 million in the past 3 weeks.

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