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Creative Director Bagio White is Changing Print Media Creatively




Bagio White, a Jamaican-born creative director, graphic designer and entrepreneur brought new innovations to the publishing industry. His magazine DOPENESS is one of the publishing medias to evolve with the online market of publishing. Gifted from an early age with artistic abilities, White began his creative career by creating his magazine DOPENESS while in college. Through the implementations of his creative ideas of DOPENESS, White has bridged the gap between the traditional print media and online media.

Bagio’s attraction with art and technology began while expanding his work with his magazine featuring many prominent celebrity figures. During the early stages of his creative director career, he witnessed first-hand how fast the print media was dying and consequently because of the internet. After realizing this, he transitions his efforts of the publication to being fully digital, with great success.

(left) DOPENESS cover featuring Bow Wow, (right) DOPENESS cover featuring Keshia Chante

White created DOPENESS Interactive after noticing the difference online media play on its readers. The technology provides readers to interact with the editorial while reading its content. White’s plays a major role in this effort as he designs each interactive editorial to function synonymous with his designs and content. “It’s important that the readers enjoy the content that they are reading, I feel the interactivity greatly replace the missing tangibility that the media isn’t physical. My designs draw the audience in, the content captures their attention, and the interactivity make them have fun”. Both White and DOPENESS are is presently based in New York, but soon be expanding nationally and globally

We spoke with some of the people that follow him closely, one in particular, his business partner, he states the following “Bagio is part robot and part creative genius [laughs] I can’t tell you how creative he is in just one statement. I’ve been in business with him for a lot of years now and one thing I can absolutely tell you that his ability to create knows no bounds and he executes it flawlessly”.

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