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CEO Chino Marley’s Animated Music Video “High” Brings Intense Color Filters and Contains Many Unreal Elements




Talented music artist, CEO Chino Marley, has released an animated music video “High” that brings intense color filters. The music video revolves around the effect of substance abuse and it contains many unreal as well as hypothetical components. Whatever is shown in the animated music video “High” is difficult to imagine in real life, and the artist has done a brilliant job bringing it out on the screen.

In the music video “High”, the effect of drugs and smoking marijuana is shown explicitly using animation effects. An exceptional job is done in selecting the theme of the music video as the song vocals resemble the activities in the video. The animated video content is full of energy and it can make anyone groove on his feet to experience fun.

The video of “High” is very dynamic and it contains light colors to create a mesmerizing effect in the minds of viewers. CEO Chino Marley has tried to bring forward the reality of today’s time with the help of his song “High” and its animated music video.

The kind of splendid work CEO Chino Marley has done in the video “High” is an indication of his exceptional creativity. He has tried to bring innovative visual experience for his audience at a time when the whole world is experiencing a low mood.

CEO Chino Marley was raised between Birmingham, AL, and New Orleans, LA. He was passionate about music and rapping since a very early age. His inquisitive and observational approach to writing penetrating lyrics helped him create his name in the music world.

Chino Marley has toured around artists like Lil Jon, Mike Epps, and Pretty Ricky. He recently won Southeast Independent Awards’ 2020 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year. His new animated music video is produced by SspikeTrap. It is shot by CFilms and edited by All4Band.Com.

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