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“Perfectly Clear”, a New Single by Canadian Artist Zachary Toigo, Binds Many Musical Elements in Different Creative Variations




Zachary Toigo, a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, B.C, is rising to new pillars of success in the music world. He has introduced a new single, titled “Perfectly Clear”, in which he has bound many different musical elements through creative variations.

The single, “Perfectly Clear”, carries a traditional touch and the artist has used different instruments in this song, in an old style. It is the second single from Zachary Toigo’s third album, “Others”. In this masterpiece, the artist has made use of multiple instruments to create an exceptional music composition.

Zachary has used keyboards, a drum machine, and a piano in a very creative manner. It simply reflects his deep understanding of different musical instruments. Perfectly Clear gives a traditional touch to modern music as it resembles the music style of 80’s era.

Due to this, “Perfectly Clear” gives rise to the feeling of nostalgia in the mind of every listener. The meaningful lyrics of the song and the charming vocals of the artist have made this single a masterpiece to listen to for everyone. The musical sounds in the song can make anyone enjoy it fully.

Zachary Toigo has an exceptional skill of writing creative lyrics for all his songs. And he very well knows how to play different musical instruments such as bass, keyboard, guitar, as well as lead vocals. In order to reform his art, he keeps on learning new things related to music.

He takes inspiration from many artists such as The Beatles, Radiohead, Prince, Pink Floyd, and The Smiths. “Perfectly Clear” is available on all music platforms and one can listen to it by clicking the Spotify link mentioned below.

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