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Can an army man sing? Meet JJ Young.




Meet JJ Young, a name fast becoming popular in the music industry. JJ’s is a confident and fresh voice that holds a strong emotion. Mr. Young is a young Army man turned singer and music maker from the United States. His first musical artwork came out in 2015, and the latest one got launched recently in 2020. And in a short span, his works have started performing decently on various platforms.

Talking about his personal life, JJ is 25 years old and hails from Columbus, the capital of Ohio. He has served in the United States Army and is a religious man by nature.

It was during his military service that JJ realized his love for music and decided to pursue his passion full time. His career as an Army man has been a strong impact on the emotion of his voice. JJ has seen brutal killings, deliberate violence, suicides, and other painful incidents that framed up a deep pain inside of him. This pain has gradually made his voice mellow and his songs sympathetic. Psychology teaches us that if you are in a mood that is portrayed well by an artist, that song will surely attract you. But going vice versa, if an artist correlates well with a song they’re singing, he or she will pull you deeper into that song. JJ says, ” I don’t want to beg anyone to listen to my music. But I will surely drive people into listening to my music by talking about the sensitive side of being a man. I will talk about the societal stereotype that tells us to be strong just because we’re men.” Apart from singing, JJ also likes to write and is a big-time fitness enthusiast. Other than that, he also wants to help people who are struggling with suicidal or depressing thoughts.

It feels amazing to know about someone who has overcome grief and depression and has come out strong and confident. JJ is an inspiration for many people to overcome pain and sadness. You can find this inspiration through his music. His songs, Show You and Take It All Away, are already out and performing decently. Check out his Instagram handle to know more about JJ-

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