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Bestselling Author & Psychologist Susanna Mittermaier Talks about Finding the Joy




Who doesn’t want to be happier, and more joyous? Bestselling Author & Psychologist Susanna Mittermaier has the keys to success, and now people can find out all about it in her new book “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology,” which she co-wrote with Gary Douglas. “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology hit the bestseller list when it was released because it’s that good.

Mittermaier has a deep desire to help people work past their perceived limitations, and find a new way of life, which is filled with more joy. Reading “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology” has been a life changing for readers. Recently we caught up with Mittermaier to find out more about her work, and the happiness factor.

In your bestselling book “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology,” you talk about how readers can choose to move past drama and trauma in order to create a life full of joy and happiness. Can you tell us a bit about how a change in perspective can alter the course of someone’s life?

Your point of view creates your experience. In other words, if you decide something is so, it is so. Change your point of view and you can change your life. A great way to change your point of view is to ask, “If this wasn’t a problem what would the possibilities be?”

Authors often learn things about themselves while writing. Did you learn anything new about yourself while writing “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology?”

Writing this book highlighted for me how different I am. Much of the world likes to struggle. I actually prefer and choose ease.

Gary Douglas is a powerhouse in the writing world, and your co-writer for “Advanced Pragmatic Psychology.” What was it like writing this book with him?

If you have ever met Gary Douglas one thing is very clear. He is always inviting everyone around him to choose to have and be more. Writing this book with him was no exception. He invited me to have more ease, more joy and to access even more of what I know is possible in the world and for the planet.

Let’s switch gears for a minute. What is your favorite word and why?

My favorite word is whatever word is going to work in the moment. This book is all about being pragmatic and looking at what is going to work. Using the word that will create what is going to work in any given situation is my favorite word in that moment.

“Advanced Pragmatic Psychology” is available on Amazon.

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