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Business consultant Chris Diaz on helping businesses migrate online and flourish amidst the pandemic




Many businesses have closed their brick and mortar locations for several weeks or months during the pandemic, and it’s possible these locations could close again if another outbreak strikes. They lost their main income stream because they hadn’t optimized their online presence. This is why business consultant Chris Diaz is passionate about helping clients move their businesses online so they can continue to grow and succeed until the pandemic is over and after it as well.

Chris Diaz works as a coach, digital strategist, and consultant. He founded the Chris Diaz Agency, which helps businesses navigate the process of moving online, as well as social media marketing, digital advertising, and consulting. Through networking and growing his brand on social media, he’s been able to grow his business to over multiple 6 figures. “There’s a lot of money to be made online,” Chris said. “Since the pandemic started, most people have begun shopping mostly online. That’s why I’ve been so successful in helping businesses make their way online.”

Before COVID-19 hit, many businesses hadn’t thought about breaking into social media or online advertising. It’s a necessity now, and Diaz insists it’s possible to break into this market, even if a business didn’t have a head start. “I can grow a business’s social media by tens of thousands in just a couple of weeks,” he said. “It’s all about participating in the system and knowing how to navigate the platform.” When asked for evidence, Chris Diaz shows clients his own personal Instagram account, which has over 80,000 followers.

Chris is passionate about networking. “When I was starting out, I joined mastermind groups and learned from other people,” he said. “Now I have an elite circle of entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and businesses worldwide. I help my clients build these connections and get their name out there.” Chris started his career as an online coach, building up his own personal brand. Once he realized that he knew how to help himself succeed, he could pass this talent on to other businesses. “I love helping businesses grow to six or seven figures,” he said. “It makes me feel like I’ve done my job.”

It’s possible for businesses to keep their heads above water despite the current climate. However, it can help to learn the ropes from someone who knows digital marketing to get them started.


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