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Combating Plastic Pollution With Pasta Life




The invention of plastic has changed the way the world works, but our relationship with single-use plastics has become toxic. Immediate action must be taken in order for us to build a more sustainable future. According to Ecocycle, we use around 500 million plastic straws per day in the United States alone! This heart-breaking statistic comes to life when you walk up and down the coastal beaches and see the plastic waste wash up on the shore. Furthermore, plastic pollution accounts for around 100 million marine animal  deaths each year. 

More and more companies are taking a stance to combat single-use plastic pollution. One movement that has been sweeping the nation is the refusal of plastic drinking straws. Paper straws are a decent alternative but putting your mouth around a damp piece of paper that disintegrates in your drink after only a few minutes is enough to make anyone gag. Not to mention paper straws are more resource intensive in terms of water and raw materials to produce. Metal straws are another option, but let’s be honest, doing the dishes is a tedious enough task as is without trying to clean the inside of straws every day. Pasta Life saw the gap in the industry for a truly functional and sustainable drinking straw alternative and decided to start cooking up pasta straws made from plants and veggies.

Pasta Life straws are gluten-free certified, last up to an hour in your afternoon cocktail, and can biodegrade and breakdown in less than 90 days. Various colors and sizing options allows you to not only save the planet from useless pollution, but also make a statement with your drink. They say we eat with our eyes, but we drink with them too. Pasta Life straws are edible making them the perfect aperitif.

Pasta Life continues to innovate on new products that will ultimately lead to a more sustainable environment for the future. One new product to keep your eye out for is upgraded re-usable face mask, the Slurp Mask, that solves the problem of being able to drink with your mask on. The premium mask contains a sealable flap that can be lifted to accommodate a pasta straw. Now you can sip your drink safely and sustainability.

Pasta Life remains dedicated to their mission of a cleaner future by donating a portion of the proceeds that comes from each sale of their Slurp Masks directly to an ocean conservation foundation.

The world is suffocating from single-use plastic pollution, but individuals and companies are slowly stepping up their game to fight back. To keep up with Pasta Life and their mission to bring like-minded people to the table to solve the world’s most pressing environmental issues, you can follow them on Instagram. Pasta is life, and now it can be life changing.

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