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Brute Fit: The Supplemental Product When Science Meets Passion for Fitness




There are food supplements that are naturally made in the market, and some that are made synthetically in a lab with artificial ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and comprehend. Hence, exercise supplements such as Brute Fit are here to bridge the gap. Brute Fit aims to be truthful and transparent with all the ingredients in their products, given that the founders both have an exceptional background in evidence based medicine.

Taylor and Alisha Martin, a husband and wife tandem, are the founders of Brute Fit. Taylor and Alisha met in the gym, and since both are fitness enthusiasts, have backgrounds in the scientific field, and both attended Oregon State University, sparks flew in an instant.

Taylor Martin participated heavily in fitness and athletics since he was growing up. In his high school days, he had various sports injuries, some even needed multiple surgeries. But these downfalls did not stop him from being passionate about fitness and health. Taylor acquired his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD), where he further developed his deeply rooted values of honesty, integrity, and anchoring to clinical scientific data. These values are what he still carries as a healthcare professional and fitness entrepreneur as Dr. Brute Fit.

On the other hand, Alisha Martin holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in General Science, minor in Chemistry. As a kid, Alisha was physically active and also participated in sports, but it wasn’t until she was 18 when she really dove into it. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching, specializing in Health and Physical Education. Her fascination with health and fitness led her to explore the world of health and fitness supplements. Alisha was not satisfied with the products she originally found and even tried to combine various ingredients. This is when she got the idea to formulate her own, leading to her being known as Lady Brute Fit.

Brute Fit was coined by Alisha and Taylor to represent their perseverance in life, no matter how many setbacks they have encountered. It is aligned with their vision, which is, “to motivate and inspire those to prevail regardless of status quo as character is not a product of circumstance, it’s what survives despite it.”

This brand is truly a passion project backed up by scientific literature. They know consumers will be using their products daily, so they made sure it’s safe and effective. Their first product to be released, Brute Fit Pre-Workout, is designed to give your workout the energy, strength, and recovery it’s been lacking. It is naturally flavored, sweetened, and scientifically formulated to give you the most out of every dose. They hope that this will be the next fitness holy-grail for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to beginners. All the ingredients they use are stated in the label, unlike other products that hide information that might affect their product’s reputation.

To start your fitness journey with the right guidance, follow Alisha’s Instagram, Taylor’s Instagram and their business Instagram or head on over to Brute Fit’s official website.

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