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Babywock Releases a New Hit Single “You”




Babywock has done it again and dropped yet another banger with his new hit single “You”. This hit record is the perfect song to showcase Wock’s flawless ability to paint a picture with raw sound and emotion. The Miami artist isn’t afraid to express the hardships with women, giving the track relevance in today’s music scene.

The song starts out with a piano melody which is accompanied by wock distantly singing “I do to” in the background, which is then met by some hard hitting 808’s and the catchy hook chanting “Said you pop pills, yea I do too. Mix the xan with the lean, I don’t wanna feel you.”

In this song Wock not only paints a perfect picture drawn from him reminiscing on his own heartache from past relationships, but also a highly relatable worldly picture that reflects on the newer generations and their tendency to treat the pain of heartbreak with prescriptions. Is this the breakout hit we’ve been waiting on from BabyWock?

Check out “You” and let us know what you think about this record, available on all major streaming platforms!

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