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Roman Rubin Black Tusk – Covering Trends in Mining Exploration




The Black Tusk adds value to your project by using cutting edge and innovative techniques and technologies to design and implement your exploration program. We examine, evaluate, design, and implement exploration programs with a view to providing adequate solutions to major geological problems while respecting budgetary constraints related to exploration.

Our geologists at Roman Rubin Black Tusk have in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of formation and distribution of deposits according to a wide range of geological and tectonic parameters. We offer a whole range of services, of which the following is a non-exhaustive list: generation of targets, mapping and field analysis, remote sensing and geophysics, geochemistry, modelling of mineral exploration systems, project management, verifications and evaluations, a strategy of exploration, and advice to government authorities, health and safety guidance and implementation of these programs.

Roman Rubin ensures a good application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry and geophysics to generate exploration targets and test them. As “blind” deposits become more and more important, we usually use a mineralized systems approach to assess the prospectivity of the mining domain and we are at the forefront of technological advancement in remote sensing, hyper spectral logging. 

Data Management and Machine Learning

Our employees are all extremely proficient in 3D visualization using software in creating and using advanced exploration databases.

Our specialists work in accordance with the standards of the JORC Code, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and other internationally recognized best and demanding reporting practices. The independent internal reviews and technical reports that we produce for stock exchanges, banks, and private investors worldwide are held in high regard.

Targeting Mining Exploration

Improve your search for deposits thanks to our experience in mapping mineral and geological potential

We develop process-based conceptual models to identify your mining exploration targets and better understand them. By combining 3D modelling software, such as Leapfrog, with our in-depth knowledge of mineral systems, we develop optimal, unbeatably cost-effective solutions at all stages of your exploration process.

With the increasing need to target mineralized bodies located at depth, it is essential to understand the geometry of structures in the third and fourth dimensions. We apply a rigorous isostructural process, to interpret geophysical and geochemical datasets and then define and evaluate potential exploration targets. We also perform advanced structural interpretations that correlate structural parameters and mineralized systems as well as systematic data and knowledge-based mapping of mineral potential using advanced GIS and GOCAD systems and machine learning algorithms.

Our understanding of the mechanisms of deposit formation and their distribution within numerous tectonic and geological environments improves the quality of research and has already brought added value to projects, whether they are resource expansion projects, known land (“brownfield”) or virgin land (“greenfield”).


  • Detailed to regional-scale geological mapping
  • Analysis of structural geology and alterations (including drill core and outcrops)
  • Analysis of mineral systems and modelling of deposits
  • 3D geological modelling
  • Assessment of regional exploration potential
  • Data-based targeting (machine learning, “Weight of Evidence”)
  • Knowledge targeting (fuzzy logic)
  • Remote sensing and geophysics

Understand geological processes and overcome exploration challenges through structural interpretation of remote sensing data

Using our deep knowledge of structural geology, we interpret remote sensing data and provide integrated interpretations that apply directly to targets for exploration.

The multidisciplinary team of Roman Rubin Black Tusk Resources Inc., made up of internationally renowned experts, assimilate the most complex data sets in order to generate and refine exploration targets. It defines controls on mineralization and delineates promising structures and lithologies. Integrating this data with our geological and structural knowledge allows us to identify geological processes, detect structures and assess the likelihood of raw material accumulation. One of the critical aspects of this process is to assess the chronology of mineralization in the tectonic evolution of a given area. This approach allows the definition of promising targets that might otherwise have gone unnoticed with direct detection methods.

Roman Rubin Black Tusk Resources develops conceptual models based on mineralizing processes to identify your mining exploration targets and better understand them. By combining multiple datasets, our specialists successfully dispel geological ambiguities that cannot be resolved with a single dataset.

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