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Asheba Wadley aka Gold Is Making Her Way To The Top




Asheba Wadley, aka Gold, a Florida hip hop artist, has been working hard over the last year and a half to propel her career to new heights. She has been in the music business for 5 years and has scaled her music to a respectable standard, but she is hungry for more. She is already self-sufficient, which means she is doing the job herself to make her dreams come true, and she has no intention to leave until she hits the top.

Gold is determined to be one of the best artists in the game, and she works incredibly hard. She attributes her work ethic to her family of hustlers, who came from nowhere and taught her that she needed to work hard to get what she wanted. She’s come a long way from being homeless to pursuing a career in music, but she’s not done yet.

Gold is ready to face whatever obstacle and she has great dreams for her future. It will be fun to watch her grow as she tries to invent and incorporate new strategies into her songs. Keep an eye out on what Gold has in store for the future.

Stream Asheba Wadley aka Gold’s music on Spotify here.

Follow Asheba Wadley aka Gold on Instagram here.

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