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Rod Marchand connects with Kevin Harrington to Release Amazon Bestseller, Man… F@#K!




Rod Marchand hit a home run on his first swing. His debut book, Man… F@#K! The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurs from MindStir Media recently became an Amazon Bestseller while receiving praise for its straightforward depiction of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Man… F@#K! is what you’d aptly expect based on its title: an account of how being an entrepreneur is a blend of emotional highs and uncomfortable lows that make you want to say, “Man… F@#K!”

It’s not a long read, clocking in at just over 150-pages, but it’s a powerful one. Marchand “exposes” entrepreneurship by pointing out the good and bad of it. And no, that’s not to say it’s a cautionary tale against becoming an entrepreneur. Instead, Man… F@#K! is more like a field guide infused with a memoir that functions as a prep-guide to showcase what any young entrepreneur is sure to run into at some point in his or her career: success that can only be reached by battling through roadblocks.

In the end, this makes Man… F@#K! function as a down-to-earth account of an everyday man’s journey in entrepreneurship. It offers both a personal and professional peek inside the life of a business owner, husband and father of seven who has prioritized his family while turning his business into an international empire.

Why Marchand is the Perfect Fit for Man… F@#K!

The charm of Man… F@#K! is the way Marchand has written it, and he’s uniquely qualified for the job.

Marchand is the president and CEO of Marchand Retail Group, Inc, a family-owned group that has operated multiple businesses including retail, wholesale, and manufacturing for over 40 years. He’s expanded his company worldwide while achieving tremendous success.

But, for Marchand, that all plays second-fiddle to his role as a husband and father of seven with three grandchildren. In other words, Marchand is a humble family man first, and a business tycoon second.

This down-to-earth mindset makes Marchand the perfect author for a book that demystifies entrepreneurship. He’s not afraid to admit that growing a business can often be a frustrating battle, but a battle that can be won with grit, determination, and self-discipline.

Man… F@#K! makes entrepreneurship seen attainable for anyone with a passion and an idea, and readers are offered a look at the contents through an unfiltered lens that reveals the blemishes and scars picked up en route to success.

The Kevin Harrington Effect

Kevin Harrington’s fingerprints are all over the book. Harrington, the Original Shark from ABC’s Hit TV Show “Shark Tank” and the inventor of the Infomercial, not only inspired Man… F@#K! to be written, but he also ultimately wrote the foreword to the book, too.

The story behind Marchand and Harrington’s connection is a perfect reflection of one of the book’s major points: an entrepreneurial lifestyle is full of unexpected twists and turns.

The two first crossed paths in Florida at a pitch event that Harrington was hosting and presenting at. After his presentation, he asked the audience if anybody had written a book. If so, he wanted to read it.

Marchand had not written a book—not at the time. He’d always wanted to, as he explained during an interview with Harrington, but he’d never found the time to actually do it. Between family and scaling up his business, he’d always had other priorities that came first.

But hearing the call for books lit a fire in Marchand. He introduced himself to Harrington and immediately began drafting the book that would ultimately top Amazon sales charts.

According to Marchand, writing the book came easy once he began making a conscious effort to do it. The end result was a powerful blend of business insight and memoir used to insightfully capture his entrepreneurial journey.

Once he was finished with the book, Marchand asks Harrington if he’d read it, and he agreed. Harrington was not only impressed with the book, but he was impressed with Marchand, too. Because of this, he endorsed one of Marchand’s companies and agreed to write the foreword for Man… F@#K!.

As Harrington put it, “When Rod and I met at my pitch event in 2019, it was apparent that once he set his mind to building a successful business, there was no stopping him.”

Harrington also explained what made Marchand a businessman and business writer.

“One of the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is overthinking their ideas instead of acting,” he said. “While most people are second-guessing their decisions and letting doubt hold them back, true entrepreneurs are doing.  Rod has always been one of those people.  He spent his life turning a solid family furniture business into a budding empire.  From developing innovative new mattress products to wearing every hat in the company, Rod’s scrappy business mentality has been the secret to his success.  He has never been afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone to help his company evolve and grow.”

For Harrington, Man… F@#K! presented a chance to share quality ideas and inspiration to other entrepreneurs, just as he’d inspired Marchand. 

See for Yourself

If you’re ready to read the bestseller for yourself, check out Man… F@#K! by Rod Marchand on Amazon or Marchand’s website.

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