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An Unexpected Surge in a Simplistic Service: Dallisa Hocking Explains Spirit & Spark’s Newest Craze




Dallisa Hocking, a fifth generation, renowned psychic and founder of Spirit & Spark, has not missed a beat during the COVID-19 shutdown. In fact, all aspects of her business are flourishing. Based in Las Vegas, Hocking says her usual customers fall into three categories: locals, tourists, and celebrities. But these days, the online portion of her business is taking flight.

Not your typical matchmaker.

Hocking describes Spirit & Spark as a psychic matchmaking service – not the kind where you find love, but the type that matches you with the right psychic practitioner. Spirit & Spark has an impressive network of psychics, mediums, shamans, reiki, theta practitioners, life coaches, spiritual coaches, and more. The spectacular news is they are not just in Las Vegas anymore. Now, Hocking and her team can service people nationwide through remote sessions.

What can you expect from a session with Dallisa Hocking? Hocking says she is a clairvoyant, meaning she can see energy and auras around people. These auras explain a great deal about their lives and character. Hocking says she is also an empath, meaning she can feel the same physical and emotional pains as others. Finally, Hocking hears voices, and she says all of this information comes together to give her a comprehensive picture and understanding of the client.

For some clarity on Hocking’s business, the Spirit & Spark website has an exciting array of services with the catchy line: “Let’s Spark your Spirit!” Hocking offers assessment sessions to match clients with their perfect practitioner and a unique line-up of products, ranging from thoughtful gifts, to various crystals and stones. Hocking provides classes for those who feel they possess a particular energy or talent, but they don’t yet understand it or know how to use it.

Let’s not stop there – Hocking also conducts online guided meditation sessions, and, of course, private readings. And there is another service Hocking created that has had an unexpected surge in interest.

Three-Card readings open the door to know more.

“I’ve had several people contact me and say they are interested in the work I do but would like a ‘sample’ before fully committing. This is why I decided to do three-card readings for a very inexpensive $15.” Hocking explains that by talking with someone on the phone, she can pick up on their aura. She can then sense that person’s energy and express her results in three Tarot cards. “The cards give the person a hint of what to look out for or to embrace. The readings are thought-provoking and relevant to their lives.”

Hocking thinks most people are having such a terrible 2020, they see the three-card readings as a glimpse of the future, mostly hoping it will improve. While Hocking says she cannot create a positive outcome, the readings tend to make people feel better. She explains that even the more negative cards are not “bad”. They might, however, give a person a wake-up call and head them down a better direction. But for the most part, Hocking says the card readings are a fun change of pace and very affordable.

After the phone call or reading, Hocking writes up a little note explaining the cards’ meanings and mails them to the customer. “I have had such an overwhelming response to this service, I have decided to do a three-card reading promotion every month.” And Hocking says this newest service is great for the rest of her business, as well. “Many people who have done the three-card reading have recommended it to friends. And I’m starting to see that this service has opened the door for some people who now want to know more.”

You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Dallisa Hocking has been the premier psychic in Las Vegas for quite some time. However, Spirit & Spark’s nationwide coverage is opening new doors. Hocking says she is privileged to work with such a talented and dedicated group of practitioners. Even if you are not looking for a psychic reading and need a more specific service, Spirit & Spark has you covered.

As the matchmaker between client and practitioner, Spirit & Spark can match you with shamans, reiki, theta practitioners, life coaches, meditation guides, and spiritual coaches. If you have ever wondered about the services of any of these practitioners, you owe it to yourself to check out Spirit & Spark on Facebook and Instagram and Dallisa Hocking’s Spirit & Spark YouTube channel. You never know – you just might find your “match”!

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