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An Indian Stocks & Forex Trader, Anmol Singh, Provides Guidance to Those Who Struggle




Life is not easy, and every person in the world has to face adversities. Be it a president of the country, or a high school student, adversities affect everyone. A life free of struggles is a life unlived. The twists and turns in life might catch one off guard, but these factors are what makes a life worth living.

However, a guide or a mentor can make things easy in life. A person who has been through it all, who knows the secret to survival, someone who has struggled, yet has succeeded in life, can serve as the perfect mentor.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to receive guidance from a mentor. They have to make decisions themselves and choose the right path on their own. One such self-made man is Anmol Singh. While the world of trading knows him as one of the best stocks and forex traders, not many people know who exactly Anmol Singh is and what his story is.

For people who struggle every day to establish a stable ground for themselves and are the verge of giving up, the story of Anmol comes as an inspiration. It can instill hope in the hearts of people and motivate them to keep fighting, just like Anmol did.

Anmol Singh is just 28 years old, and at such a young age, he has established himself as a successful trader, entrepreneur, and author. Finding success was not easy for him, but he did not give up, always kept his head high, and stayed consistent throughout his struggle. He is an inspiration for the world.

Unemployment, Failure, & Adversities

Born in Delhi, India, on April 23, 1992, this man was meant for greatness. A humble and kind child grew up to be a patient and persistent individual. He completed his high school education and went to Brunel University London. The young man was high on passion and determination. He wanted to do something great and build something for himself.

Things were tough during college, and he had to support his family. Taking up such responsibility while still studying is not something many people can manage. Anmol Singh was energetic and he just did not want to give up.

While he was in college, he stepped into the world of real estate. At the same time, he developed an interest in trading. While establishing a real estate portfolio, the passionate individual started trading. Things did not go in his favor, but he stayed consistent throughout.

After graduating, he could not get a job. It frustrated him because he was an excellent academic performer. He kept working hard on his trading skills without receiving any help. Anmol was able to set a real estate business for himself. Things begin to change for the Anmol, when finally, after one year, he discovered a formula through which he could trade profitably.

Establishing a Reputation as a Top Stocks & Forex Trader, Entrepreneur, & Social Media Influencer

Anmol was able to acquire such admirable trading skills, and his performance was beyond amazing. Several investors identified the potential in Anmol and hired him to do the trading for them. It was a milestone in his life, and he was able to establish himself as a top stocks and forex trader. Meanwhile, Anmol built a reputable portfolio in the real estate and automotive sectors. He became a well-known entrepreneur.

Not only this, but the young entrepreneur decided to use his trading skills to help people struggling in the industry. In 2005, Anmol Singh, along with Jared Wesley, founded It is an educational institute that offers training courses not only for forex trading but also for stock and other forms of trading.

Both Anmol and Jared are extensively experienced in the industry and founded their online institute to help aspiring traders find success in the industry. Through life trading sessions, both these individuals help their students adopt a practical understanding of the market. Within a short span of time, became a top-ranked Stock Market, Forex, and Options educational platform. With this platform, Anmol has helped more than 10,000 students develop strong trading skills. Some of his students have been able to earn up to $3,000 a week while trading as a part-time.

His success helped him gain attention from all over the trading industry, and several media platforms started inviting him for interviews. It helped him build an identity on the internet. He features in several different online platforms’ podcasts. His podcasts are all across the internet, which makes him an online influencer in the world of finance and investing.

In addition to this, Anmol Singh has also authored a book, “Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life.” He beautifully puts his life lessons into words. He hopes that his book will help people who are finding it hard to succeed in life.

Anmol Singh, a top-ranked stocks and Forex trader, an entrepreneur, and an author is active in charity as well. He has sponsored the league on the request of the Baldwin Little Leagues. Moreover, he started a charity program on his educational platform, “Feed America.” All his earnings from this program were donated to charity. Anmol also launched a scholarship program for his students in 2007, where deserving candidates get great discounts and a chance to enroll in the program without any fee.

Not only did Anmol succeed in life, but he is also actively making the lives of others full of convenience by becoming a mentor and a guide for them, which he did not find. It could have saved a lot of years of struggle!

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