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ActivePear: The Future of Women’s Athletic Wear




With what seems like an endless amount of activewear brands on today’s market, few companies have separated themselves from their competitors. One company, ActivePear, however, is taking strides to cater towards women’s self confidence and is steadily rising toward the top of the industry. Being a brand specializing in practical, trimming, and flattering silhouettes, the female-owned and Los Angeles based business is keeping women’s empowerment at the forefront of their priorities.

Founder and creator, Brenda Trujillo, is a proud Latina business owner in one of the most prestigious communities in modern Los Angeles. Being no stranger to life’s obstacles as a single mother of four for most of her career, Trujillo has worked her way through top positions in engineering, computer science, and even chicano studies throughout her 20+ years at UCLA. As the epitome of self-actualization, Trujillo is truly an inspiration to all marginalized groups as she starts her venture into the women’s athletic apparel industry.

ActivePear, while a young company, has already achieved great amounts of success. Different items from ActivePear’s collections such as scrunched leggings, yoga pants, and even long-sleeve tops have been seen with numerous LA celebrities ranging from actors to supermodels to famous youtubers. Several consumers have also raved about the quality of products ActivePear provides. These reviews touched on features such as the products’ ability to fit all sorts of styles, giving women the ‘pear’ shape body they desire.

With more A-list celebrities taking notice and the brand expanding their line of items, a lot of exciting news is in store for ActivePear’s upcoming year. Even now, the company is working with designers in Los Angeles to create a new style of leggings that the world has never seen before, something that is guaranteed to be a hot commodity on the market. With this combination of empowerment and a truly quality product, Trujillo and her company are ready to tackle any challenges or obstacles standing in their way. ActivePear is already gaining large amounts of traction in the fitness world, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Contact Name: Brenda Trujillo

Contact Number: 310-903-7996

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