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Eric Walsh: A Millionaire’s Masterclass in Amazon Selling




Meet Eric Walsh. Eric is a 7-figure Amazon seller and the founder of the Genius Academy Masterclass, a blueprint to selling on Amazon. We sat down with Eric to learn more about his “Amazon Done For You” service, a step-by-step guide to gaining complete financial freedom by selling on Amazon. Here’s what he had to say:

Back in 2018, I completed my Genius Academy Masterclass. The masterclass gives people step-by-step instructions to build and scale a successful Amazon business from A-to-Z. I’ve witnessed numerous success stories and am proud to have helped change the lives of thousands of people with Amazon selling. After years of wondering how can I help and serve more, the Genius Academy Masterclass came to fruition.

Each week, I do a free intro webinar for beginners on how to start selling on Amazon. It started with 10 people, quickly grew to 50, and now hosts hundreds and sometimes thousands of people every single week. I believe in helping everyone access the opportunity to unlock the power of Amazon and enjoy financial freedom along with the freedom to enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed—not working the daily 9-to-5 grind helping to build somebody else’s empire.

Not everyone who joins begins buying and selling right away; some are fearful. This is the case with any webinar or product—not even Tony Robbins can sell to every single person interested! As I thought more and more about these fears, I began to survey my registrants and discovered that many people needed more of a personal touch. Some really wanted to begin selling, but just didn’t have the time. These customers were willing to pay more to have more done for them.

To serve more people, I created different level packages in addition to the Masterclass:

1. The Diamond Package

A complete, done-for-you Amazon business. The Diamond Package is kind of like a turn-key business where all of the work is done for you. My team and I provide you with 20 custom homerun potential products. We then source and negotiate on your behalf with suppliers in China that we’ve been working with for over ten years. We design custom packaging, label and barcode the items, and handle all the customs logistics in order to get the products into the United States. We create the listings on Amazon inside of your Amazon seller account and get those products into an Amazon FBA facility. We do the product launch for you, we run the ads…Essentially, we manage and run the entire business for you!

When a client chooses the Diamond Package, we put our money where our mouth is and provide you with a guarantee on all investments. This package is for people with at least $45,000 to invest and who have limited time—they may have other businesses and/or kids to take care of, and they want a guaranteed income stream but don’t have the time to do it on their own. They’re looking for an extremely lucrative passive income and want experts like us to provide that service, all while still showing them exactly how to do it for themselves if they do want to learn.

2. The Gold Package

The Genius Academy Gold package is for those who want a lucrative passive income and are willing to keep up on the details (a colorful analogy: you’d like the ability to purchase a Ferrari and you’re willing to keep up on the oil changes and maintenance yourself.) The Gold Package provides you with 20 homerun potential products that we source and negotiate for on your behalf. We create highly optimized listings on Amazon with search volume in the millions, and we’ll get the product into an Amazon facility. From there, we hand the reins over to you to launch and scale those products using the steps learned in my Genius Academy Masterclass.

3. Silver Package

The Silver Package provides you with three homerun potential items to sell on Amazon. We source and negotiate products in China and get those products into the United States for you. From there, we hand it over to you, ensuring you are set up for success using the information in the Masterclass.

Each package includes access to the Eric Walsh Genius Academy Masterclass. So many beautiful things have come from offering this class, the most rewarding of which has been the opportunity to change people’s lives. There is truly no other business I rather be in. The ability to share the information I have gained from years of experience is incredible, and seeing such an amazing response from people that value the knowledge I have to share has been the ultimate success of the Genius Academy.

My life has changed completely for the better since I began selling on Amazon, and I want to help you do it too. If learning how to create total financial freedom from a 7-figure Amazon seller sounds enticing to you, take the first step and sign up for the Genius Academy Masterclass. Learn more and enroll here.

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