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A World of Fashion: the Dennis Kenney Way




For many years Dennis Kenney has been helping celebrities make their mark on the fashion scene. His signature styles have had a tremendous impact globally as millions gravitate to his larger-than-life personal and professional brand. Let’s take some time to explore the fashion world through some (stylish of course) Dennis Kenney lenses.

A Fashion Icon

Kenney has created a fashion image that has captivated the attention of millions of people around the world.  Local and international fashion enthusiasts, including celebrities, couldn’t help but notice Kenney’s fresh and innovative ways of using fashion as he posted images of his conceptualized ensembles on social media.

The Ultimate Fashion Inspiration

Over time, Kenney transitioned into a fashion influencer with not just immeasurable clout but also a reservoir of poignant fashion advice which he shares with all those who aim to exhibit great taste in fashion. He has appeared on large network shows (such as NBC and ABC) through which he shared his sense of style with millions of viewers, who naturally gravitated to him afterwards. As a contributor to he shared more of his creative tips with readers.

Kenney’s influence on the global fashion scene is very evident in the performance of his social media platforms. Having already attracted a large following of over 69,000 people, he continues to pull more and more of the fashion conscious towards his brand. In addition to his loyal followers, Kenney reaches millions of viewers who visit his pages daily for the invaluable fashion advice he dispenses.

Fashion Entrepreneur

Kenney’s also an avid entrepreneur. His original clothing line NONDK (Never Out Numbered David Kenney) is taking the world by storm through online stores as well as from its position in the Bed, Bath and Beyond catalogues.  The line features men and women’s wear as well as hats, bags and shoes. The line appeals to a wide audience from the young and hip to the mature and fashionable. Some fashion enthusiasts gush over the uniquely branded T-shirts, hoodies and fitness wear while others simply adore the sleek bodycons and footwear (lace-up and slip-on).

Like a true fashion guru, Kenney is very aware of the need to evolve as the world changes. This is seen in the introduction of masks in the NONDK line. And of course the Dennis Kenney masks stand out for their unique beauty.

His line has found favour among fashion enthusiasts around the world from varying age and social groups and certainly, if you haven’t seen it sported yet it just a matter of time. In fact, chances are you’ve already seen the brand being sported.

In addition to conceptualizing and creating his own fashion line, Kenney is the founder of a fashion company Style With Den. And in true Dennis Kenney spirit, the company is swiftly gaining traction on the international fashion scene. Style With Den has been engaged to execute and manage numerous high profile fashion projects. Celebrities such as Melanie Scrofano and Jessica Markowsky have relied on him to create the stunning looks they rock at numerous entertainment events.

Between his vibrant social media presence, his strong reputation among his celebrity clients and his knack for and dedication to entrepreneurship, Kenney has been making a huge impact on the modern fashion scene.

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