A Lyme Disease Remission Story: Erika Schlick’s Journey

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected tick. Sadly, sometimes it takes people over 10 years to receive the correct diagnosis and there are over 300,000 new cases each year. Erika Schlick was one of those cases when she finally received her Lyme disease diagnosis after two years of testing and uncertainty. Her journey is a particularly special one and nowadays she is in remission.

For two years, Schlick found herself in a doctor’s office wondering why she was decaying so rapidly. Finally, in 2014, she was tested for Lyme disease and her results came back positive. After doing the appropriate research, she was sure she did not want to take antibiotics and risk any severe side effects as she was dealing with other immune conditions. For that reason, she went a more experimental route, trying new modalities of medicine. Always keeping in mind her doctor’s advice to address the emotional and spiritual side of this disease.

During the two years prior to her diagnosis, the health coach and author was diagnosed with Celiac disease which led her to a very specific gluten-free diet. After that, she tried different diets such as Autoimmune Paleo Diet and a modified Paleo diet before settling on a Bulletproof Diet. Because she was dealing with several food allergies, a leaky gut, candida, and SIBO treatment, Schlick was always paying attention to her diet. From personal experience, she has learned to listen to her body in order to understand which foods make her feel optimal and which ones make her feel weaker.

Erika Schlick tried different treatments to get the bacteria load down. Some of those are homeopathic, IV therapy, herbals, and different detox methods. Among those detox methods, she tried apheresis, supportive detox, dental, cavitation surgery, chirodontics, immune modulation, thymus therapy, stem cells, and fasting. Remembering her doctor’s advice, she took care of her emotions as well as her body by addressing her feelings. One of the most important things she did was make sure she was in a clean and healing environment which was safe and happy to guarantee her treatment was done correctly and peacefully.

Throughout her journey with Lyme disease, Schlick has been able to stay in remission thanks to the researched steps she took soon after her diagnosis. To this day, she can happily say she continues to stay in remission. How does she do it? With a healthy diet, immune support, detox, routine labs, and exercise. She also listens to her body, manages her stress, optimizes her sleep, manages any secondary conditions, keeps her environment clean and happy, and avoids re-infection risks. If you want to follow her journey, Erika runs an amazing blog called The Trail to Health where she talks about her disease, travelling, and her recipe book, Wandering Palate.

Erika Schlick is an amazing inspiration not only for people with Lyme disease, but for everyone else trying to achieve their goals. She is resilient and proves not giving up brings you the results you want. Maybe if we were all a little more like her, the world would be a better place.

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