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A lot of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry is now made in Thailand




Over the years, Thailand has been a great and popular source of some of the world’s best jewelry. Apart from its high quality, Thai jewelry is far much cheaper than similar products that come from the West. It is not easy to talk about Thai jewelry without mentioning Hong Factory based in Bangkok. This is a company that has been in business since it was founded in 1971 by Tuanghong Roipaeng (Mr. Hong) and his then newlywed wife who happened to be a gemologist. Since then, the company has undergone drastic changes and expansions.

Services Offered at Hong Factory

Today, Hong Factory is among the top Thai silver manufacturers and exporters of jewelry. They manufacture and sell different types of jewelry including earrings, rings, wrist watches, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and bangles. Most of these products are made from silver, and each is made with scrupulous attention to detail giving them unique appeal. The company beats its competitors by designing pieces that are of high quality and beauty.

There are two approaches to business at Hong Factory: manufacturing and wholesaling of standard jewelry and manufacture of custom pieces.

Wholesale silver marcasite jewelry

Hong Factory manufactures over 8,000 designs of jewelry in grade-A Swiss silver combined with marcasite, gemstones and pearls. There is a wide range of choice from the wholesale store for retailers. Quality and beauty are all one can see upon visiting the store. It is obvious that Hong Factory employs only the best designers and jewelers in the industry.

Custom jewelry

Hong Factory also makes custom pieces for retailers and private clients. New clients are normally advised to pick and mix various standard components which they put together to create unique pieces. Then Hong Factory manufactures those pieces to the highest standards of quality. Seasoned clients sometimes choose to bring/send their own designs on files and the factory makes them. For all newly designed pieces the factory requires the clients to pay for the molds and tools required for manufacturing.

Mr. Hong explained how Hong Factory has managed to succeed in business for so long and maintain a step ahead of its competitors. This is what he had to say:

“Since 1971, Hong Factory has been one of Thailand’s best jewelry manufacturers. Our factory has supplied thousands of retailers with wholesale silver and marcasite jewelry, original design manufacturing and advanced original equipment manufacturing. We are guided by jewelry design principles that include balance, contrast, harmony, unity, proportion, movement and emphasis. That is how we arrange the elements in our art, guiding the visual message of each piece.”

Mr. Hong works closely with a team of designers, jewelers and a much-trusted team of managers. Many of these employees have been with the company for several decades because of their skills and dedication to high-quality jewelry. They are part of Hong Factory’s success story.

Hong Factory’s values

The team at the factory mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. They promise their customers the following:

360-degree commitment: Hong Factory is committed to customer satisfaction, good design, and innovative production methods.

Customer-oriented: Hong Factory exercises the best of care, whether an order is large or small and whether a customer is old or new. The designers work closely with each customer to grasp her needs completely and produce designs that transforms the customer’s vision into a breath-taking reality.

Optimized project management: Talented project managers ensure each project is completed on time and to the quality standards required by each customer.

These core values form the foundation of a successful business that Hong Factory is. They have helped to form and cement long-term relationships with customers in more than 60 countries.

The ideal target market

The ideal customers are the fashion-conscious people who need to impress with their jewelry and accessories. They include private clients who order custom pieces and people who buy from retailers that are supplied by Hong Factory.

Why Thailand is successful in jewelry

Thailand has faced stiff competition from Italy, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, China and many other countries but it has managed to remain on top, especially with silver products. Here are the reasons:

High quality products. Unlike China and India that consider quantity, Thailand focuses on manufacturing high-quality jewelry in low quantities.

Global trade. Being involved in global trade of jewelry has helped Thailand be known for high quality products at affordable prices.

Government support. The industry receives immense support from the government through duty exemption on raw materials importation and other incentives.

Economic growth. Rapid economic growth has expanded the retail sector and shifted customer preferences and behaviour, especially in towns and cities.

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