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A Fat Body has Increased Risk of Breast Cancer




Overweight women are at an increased risk of breast cancer as they enter in their 50s. There are many types of researches that have pointed out that too much fat in a body raises the level of sex hormones including estrogen in the women who are facing the postmenopausal problems.

It is very complicated to find the relation between extra weight and breast cancer. New research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institutes has shown some evidence regarding this that weight loss can lower the chances of developing breast cancer among women.

The research has used data collected from the Pooling Project of Prospective Studies of Diet and Cancer. More than 180,000 women, aged around 50 ,from the US, Australia, and Asia were examined at the initial phase of the study. All the women were cancer-free and they provided their weight and body mass index, lifestyle and other necessary facts. The researchers took surveillance of the weight of all the women for ten years. The women were also tracked for eight more years for any symptoms of breast cancer. There were 7,000 cases found with breast cancer symptoms.

The researchers looked for the many factors that cause breast cancer risk among women. They found that the women who lost weight using techniques like ultrasound cavitation machines have lower risks of breast cancer. The risks for breast cancer were also adjusted through the use of hormone replacement therapy and exercise habits.

A weight loss of 20 pounds reduces the chances of breast cancer by 32%. Perfect Body Mate is a health blog which is guiding women over how to lose weight to avoid the chances of many physical ailments including breast cancer.

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