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9Meet Umar Ashraf, a Big Name in the Retail Trading Industry




Success stories are pretty incomplete without failures, and it’s not quite possible to succeed without failing. We fall multiple times in the process of taking our first steps and over time watch ourselves run without losing balance. Similarly, in the business world, you need to be risk-taking and fearless as every opportunity won’t lead you to success. There are significant chances that you might fail in the first few attempts but, evolving from failure is what distinguishes a mediocre personality from a successful one.

Umar Ashraf was not born successful; he worked hard for the international recognition that he enjoys now. Starting at a young age of 18, Umar took his chance at business by forming a property solutions company which did not flourish and marked his first failure. Umar realized that the purpose of starting a business or trading should never be to make money as it leads to immature decisions and flawed procedures.

Umar, a couple of years ago, took a chance at trading for financial freedom and, with the confidence he collected at its success, launched a trading community called the Stock Market Lab. The core purpose of this trading community is to educate developing and struggling traders about basic trading knowledge. Umar has been successful in gathering a community of over two thousand people for the Stock Market Lab till date.

TradeZella is Umar’s yet another impressive project that he is tirelessly working on. TradeZella is a trading feedback tool that helps traders make the right decision when it comes to trading and investments. This tool further helps traders take their business to a whole new level.

Umar Ashraf, along with being a successful stock trader, and business owner, is a popular YouTuber and Instagrammer as well. Umar makes motivational videos for developing individuals and generously offers his knowledge and expertise to the world.

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