Shoaib Ghauri, a Big Name in the Forex Trading Industry

At just the age of 27 – Shoaib Ghauri has gone from investing all his savings, to try his luck in Forex trading, to creating and owning an educational platform; Come Learn Forex. He teaches people how to trade in the Forex market and has recently hit six figures in revenue.

However, it was not always like this for Shoaib as he has had setbacks that knocked him back to square one when starting the Forex trade journey.

Shoaib first got involved in Forex trade and was looking for ways of solving the issues of greed and lack of knowledge in Forex traders. Nonetheless, even though Shoaib had a negative connotation and view of people in Forex trading, this did not stop him from working extra shifts to gather the best tips and techniques from successful traders. A few weeks later, Shoaib got interested in teaching the best trading techniques to help traders, and this is where his mindset shifted, and his life changed.

Come Learn Forex specializes in helping young people break out of the rat race before they even enter it, who are the future of the Forex trading industry. No affiliate brokers, no network marketing, and no signals, just hardcore mindset and Forex trading education is covered in the course.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, it does not matter, Come Learn Forex, is built to meet every individual’s needs. The purpose of this course is to support people to learn a skill set that will last them a lifetime and help them succeed in the Forex market. You pay one fee, and it is yours to keep, forever. Moreover, Come Learn Forex is rightfully the future of Forex.

Shoaib Ghauri advises youth to do what they love and enjoy the process. Shoaib believes that you need to have a passion for the product you are creating or selling. If you’re in it just for money, you’ll lose motivation too soon.

He further added, “Always remember to look after your health as running your own business can be very stressful from time to time. Our health is the greatest currency to our bodies, so don’t overwork yourself all the time.”

He warns the young lot not to use their health, job, or occupation as an excuse for not working. “Always take action and never be afraid of failure. We’ve conditioned ourselves to look at failure as a negative result. However, on the contrary, if you shift your mindset, you’ll see failure as a positive result because the more you fail, the closer you get to win.” Says Shoaib.

When Shoaib started his career in Forex trading he did things differently. He would never be unprepared. He’d buy a notebook and write down all the things that he wanted to achieve before the end of the year and discipline himself to chase and strive for his goals every day. He neither took any days off nor did he procrastinate. He believes in leveling up his mindset to succeed as knowledge is power.

His next step in his Forex journey is to help individuals become successful with his mentoring and the Forex training program, Come Learn Forex. In the future, Shoaib would like to see himself retired and still bringing value to people, be it via Forex trading online training webinars, in-person training, or online courses.

Are you interested in learning how to trade in the Forex market yourself? Contact Shoaib Ghauri or visit his website today to see how he can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

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