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3 B’s and a Boss Queen, Daria Parkinson




Building, branding, boosting.  The three things that every entrepreneur needs to turn their Instagram profiles into a lead generating, sales closing machine. These three things have become boss queen Daria Parkinson’s mission. Daria is a well-recognised business and branding strategist, and she also happens to be the saving grace of many a network marketer, entrepreneur and small business owner.  The first marketing problem many entrepreneurs face is niching-down, and identifying the right target audience for their services. The second problem is attracting that target audience, and turning them into paying customers. After seeing a growing demand for her particular set of skills, Daria created the 3 B’s framework to help these service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners in need.

“The 3 B’s are the absolute key to driving success for any business,” Daria says. These three tiers provide the perfect framework for growing a business on Instagram by attracting and engaging dream clients through both their personal and business accounts. “The 3 B’s first lead my clients on a journey to uncovering their true niche and then help them embody a CEO mindset to drive business growth,” Daria says.  Daria uses this framework to work alongside her clients to brand their businesses, as well as their personal brand. Daria’s branding framework focuses heavily on the use of color psychology throughout social profiles, and the boosting techniques she teaches help her clients attract the ideal clients of their own.

Everyone has a different style of learning, and it’s this notion that sets Daria apart from her competitors. She has created a variety of services to suit the individual learning needs or, in most cases, the time constraints that every entrepreneur inevitably faces. Her service catalogue features an impressive array of products; 90-minute intensive coaching calls, 4-week coaching containers, mini courses, ebooks, webinars, and soon to come, a mastermind. 

“Each service that I provide is made with quality materials and valuable information that my clients can use for a lifetime,” Daria says. As well as teaching online marketing techniques, Daria is also very focused on business mindset coaching. “I’m different from my competitors because I will always show up for my clients with a positive attitude, and I have the ability to use this attitude to debunk any limiting beliefs that a client may have about growing a business on Instagram, so that they can reclaim their confidence and become a higher performing CEO.”

So, do you want to learn how to build, brand and boost your business’s growth?  Are you a service-based entrepreneur that has already launched their own business? Do you have a great idea for a service and don’t quite know where or how to get started? If you answered yes to any of these then Daria is the perfect coach for you! This boss queen practices what she preaches about standing out from her competition and promises to turn any entrepreneur’s idea into a functional, profiting business in just 30 days. 

If you want to learn more about Daria and her work, head over to her Instagram @discoveringdaria

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