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5 Best Medical TV Shows on Amazon Prime that you Must Not Miss




Watching medical-related content can help anyone gain important information about dealing with many emergency medical situations. Due to the availability of many online streaming platforms, it has become possible for everyone to watch such content to entertain themselves and gain medical knowledge. Here is the list of the best medical Tv shows on Amazon Prime that you must not miss.


It is a story of Dr. Gregory House who is a curmudgeon-genius specialized in diagnosing zebras. In spite of the discomfort due to his severe leg injury, he manages to guide a team of intelligent diagnosticians to run medical operations.

Code Black

Code Black teaches everyone about resourcefulness at public medical institutions. It is a story that involves medical staff members in a Los Angeles hospital that doesn’t have adequate resources and staff. In the face of chaos, Dr. Leanne Rorish at the hospital teaches his staff to handle any medical emergency with resourcefulness.


Scrubs is another medical tv show which is based on a comedy/drama genre. It is a story of three fresh medical students who face challenges posed by their strict mentors at Sacred Heart Hospital. For watching this tv show, you can stream Scrubs via TheVore.


It is a medical drama that revolves around the McNamara/Troy physician duo who are fast friends and plastic surgeons. The two different personalities have only their work in common. For plastic surgeons, it a wonderful show to watch to gain knowledge and seek entertainment related to their field of work.


Casualty is the British drama that has over 1,000 episodes to date and it is the longest-running medical tv show available on Amazon Prime. Each episode in this tv show presents new cases that can help anyone gain a lot of knowledge related to the medical world.

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