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What Are the Advantages of Live Streaming on YouTube Live? — Top Reasons Why Every Content Creator Should Go Live




Unlike Facebook and many other social media sites, YouTube Live makes it easy to monetize a live stream. Facebook, in particular, has embarked on new strategies to improve the monetization system for content creators but it is yet to reach YouTube’s s level of prowess and efficiency.  When live streaming on YouTube Live, viewers can promote their profile as they support you via Super Chat. It, therefore, becomes a double win for the super chat player and streamer.

Besides Super Chat, streamers can also enable ads, such as:

• Display and overlay ads running over the video

• Pre-roll ads before the live video

• Mid-roll ads during streams

• Some channels also get access to channel memberships, which allows users to pay a subscription fee to your channel.


Just like all live-stream social media sites like Facebook and Instagram,  YouTube’s content creators enjoy free access, publishing of content, and can go Live anytime anywhere for free! Better yet, unlike posted videos and other content, live streaming requires no editing and repetition to make a video perfect, saving time. Simply show up and enjoy it!

Some features may have prerequisites to exploit. That said, some channels have toll restrictions until you can get to a specified number of followers after which they can be unlocked. Live streaming from a mobile device, for example, requires at least 1000 subscribers. You can buy views on YTfab to help boost your following. Although such restrictions on tools exist, most features are accessible to everyone.

Building your brand

The majority of the population relies on YouTube videos to help them choose items to purchase (Hubspot). Whether you are a small business owner or are establishing a brand, branded content and exposure will help a great deal. Users want to purchase items that are recommended and with YouTube, you can start building your brand and watch your brand grow to a global scale. Your videos could also show up as suggested videos on related content. This way, you can expand your audience.

Increases your online reach

Live streaming helps one to reach a larger multitude of people unlike when one creates videos on demand. This is because, on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, live videos rank very well on searches compared to pre-recorded videos. The higher a video ranks on searches the more views it attracts. The moment live videos start appearing on searches and especially on top searches, your viewership increases making your brand grow even stronger.

Mobile live streaming is easy

Live streaming is also advantageous because it does not require any complicated equipment. a simple camera is enough to assist you to go live on youtube or even on Facebook. In a case where you have attained the minimum number of subscribers on youtube, you can use the ManyCam app to go live. To produce live streams that are of high quality you can still use your mobile phone, provided that you use good live streaming equipment to help improve the quality of the live stream as well as a good internet connection.

You can create a weekly live show

This is an amazing way of creating a stable relationship with your viewers. It helps you to grow your audience because your viewers know when to expect content from you. They can even add the upcoming live videos to their calendars and set reminders to get a notification once you upload them. this also makes it easier and more convenient to schedule future streams as well as show a consistent pattern.

You can also collaborate with other YouTubers to make videos.

Live streaming also gives you a chance to team up with other YouTubers and create collaborated videos. This encourages partnerships among various content creators which results in mutual growth. There are different forms of partnerships that are described in many video collaboration guides.

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