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Zar Baby: Youth sensation Zar Baby drops a new single “Tik Tok”




Knock knock! Banging at your door is Zar Baby’s new single titled “Tik Tok.” Zar Baby provides yet another smooth song for people to vibe to during the crazy times of the coronavirus quarantine. 

​Zar Baby is a young, 20-year-old artist on the rise in Atlanta, Georgia. With the current pandemic at hand, Zar Baby explains that he has decided to take advantage of the troublesome time and promote his musical prowess. Although he may not be able to provide visuals for his songs at this time, Zar Baby is positive that the past few weeks have been more positive for him than problematic. Providing production on this new single is a close associate and family friend of Zar Baby who goes by the name of Big Cash.

​Currently, Zar Baby is focusing on getting the right people to hear his single “Tik Tok.” He realizes that his musical sound probably appeals to more of a Hip Hop/Pop audience, but he doesn’t truly believe that his music can be categorized solely into one genre. Zar Baby knows “Tik Tok” is a song that everyone, regardless of age or background, can enjoy; however, he tends to target the younger generation as his primary group of listeners. Once the right people are aware of his sound, Zar Baby’s “Tik Tok” has the potential to go global. Hence why Zar Baby’s next project will be an album titled “Global Kid.”

​Zar Baby is taking off fast and growing at an exponential rate. His Spotify was just created a few weeks ago, but in that time his listeners has jumped from only ten to now over 600. Stay tuned for the early July release of Zar Baby’s “Global Kid” album, and be sure to follow him on Instagram @Zarbaby_ to keep track of his future moves!

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