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Wendell Miracle Pialet, a Motivational Speaker and Influencer Giving Positive Hope to all




We are passing through a tough time due to Pandemic. COVID-19 has changed our world; businesses are stopped; people are getting affected; many died worldwide due to COVID-19. 

In this gloomy time, you have to motivate yourself with a positive vibe. But how? You can use the online platform and listen to some of the best motivational speakers who give a real-life example which can lift your energy and help you provide a good life in a tough time. The person who manages and achieves stuff in life becomes and a real motivator for others life.

We met one encouraging character who has seen lots of Ups and downs in his life in the last 10 to 12 years. There was a time when he lost everything due to depression. Sometimes we forget what we have and what we can do in life. It’s not our fault, it’s God who teaches us and makes us gold after testing our strength.

Wendell Miracle founder of Hope Nuggets who comes from San Diego California, Born in the Philippines and grew up in Bergenfield New Jersey is a Pick of the day for us. 

This motivator has seen all the hard times in his little life, he was heartbroken and was in big trouble. Sometimes the person who we love the most can affect us the most. It happened the same in Wendell’s life when he lost his mother he was under depression.

It was a difficult time for Wendell, and he lost all his cash, friends and everything. It was a discouraging time for him. He was also bankrupt at one stage in his life. But all the depression time ended when he finally thought to lift his life once again.

Once he came out of the depression, things started to change for him, and the bankrupt person began to earn big money and also name worldwide.

 Wendell started his consulting company Hope Nuggets for the people who are passing through a tough time. 

Wendell started to counselling people in different ways, e-courses, motivational videos, books and all.  

Wendell Miracle is earning lots of following on Instagram due to his motivational theories and videos. Do follow him if you are not having a good time in this Pandemic. He is the guy who will boost you with some positive energy.

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