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Z Grills Introduces a Black Friday Sale on its Wood Pellet Grills in California




Z Grills, the industry leader and originator of the wood pellet grill, has introduced a Black Friday sale only in California. In this sale, California users can easily save up to $600 to buy a wood pellet grill at a price of $849 with free installation and delivery service.

Z Grills is making available the wood pellet grill at the lowest price ever. In addition to the $600 discount, a California buyer can easily get 42% off on all premium wood pellets. The company focuses on making available the top-quality products due to which its products were rated as “2019 best grills” on Forbes’ official website.

Z Grills wood pellets grill products can give an exceptional culinary experience to customers through its innovative 8-1 grill. Any user can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, & BBQ. Z Grills provides free 2-day delivery in California and it offers free installation service for the first 20 orders on its Wood Pellet Grill Black Friday sales in California only.

If a California user buys 1000E (with a price of $1449) with 24 bags of 20lbs wood pellets then he can easily save $600 to purchase it at $849 only. Many other premium wood pellet grill products are available at affordable prices.

Z Grills company has revealed that this Black Friday deal offer will give California residents a chance to receive their order in 2 business days without any charge from the Z Grills team. For this, a buyer from California needs to place his order by 4 pm PST Monday to Friday.

Z Grills provides an eco-friendly grilling experience to users as it helps to reduce carbon footprint by making users use electricity for power. Additionally, it uses only small amounts of 100% natural wood pellets as fuel to ensure eco-friendly grilling.

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