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Young Athlete and Fitness Entrepreneur Daniel Stevens Sold a Successful Gym at the Height of a Pandemic




Daniel Stevens may only be 33 years old, but he already has a successful track record behind him. His most recent success has been the sale of his gym, Premier Fitness, in the middle of a pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, this may have been impressive but not all that unusual. However, given just how brutal the COVID-19 pandemic has been on businesses like gyms and fitness centers, it is a story that is worth taking a closer look at. After all, even big names like 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and the parent company of New York Sports Club have filed for bankruptcy in 2020. Any gym staying open today is pretty much a miracle story.

Daniel has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. That is why he went to Northern Illinois University to get his Economics degree. Since he was really into being a competitive bodybuilder, and also used to be an elite-level cyclist/triathlete, it seemed like a natural fit for him to be a gym owner.

As much as he enjoyed it, it didn’t come without its challenges. Still, Daniel pushed through any obstacles that got in his way and adapted to any situation he found himself in, pandemic included. When the restrictions on non-essential businesses were imposed, Daniel quickly pivoted the in-person personal training services to become online training services. This, along with catering towards high-end clients, allowed Premier Fitness to suffer little to no negative impact throughout the pandemic-related restrictions on non-essential businesses.

After selling his successful fitness-related business, Daniel relocated to Las Vegas, where he has now focused on his investments, projects, and OnlyFans page. On OnlyFans, Daniel has been providing fitness tips, advice, and fitness-related content based on his extensive career as a competitive bodybuilder and elite-level cyclist/triathlete.

Besides doing all of this, Daniel is also sponsored by Blackstone Labs, a company that sells supplements that are specifically geared towards bodybuilders. This has been a great fit for a bodybuilder like Daniel, especially since he can help others achieve similar results to what he has.

Running a gym is not easy even outside of a pandemic, let alone during one. Thankfully, Daniel had the ability, courage, and know-how to successfully adapt and make the most out of the situation. To him, there is no challenge or obstacle that is too big to overcome.

Since Daniel is still quite young at 33 years old, he has his sights set on some major projects he is looking to roll out in the coming months and years. That means you are going to want to keep an eye out for him. In Daniel’s eyes, he is just getting started down the path of entrepreneurial success.

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @dmoneystevens and also head over to his website for more information about what he’s up to. You can also receive fitness-related content from Daniel by subscribing to his OnlyFans page.

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