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Yahia Hawwari- An enthusiastic entrepreneur well recognized as the Fashion Icon




Doing business and knowing how to modify accordingly lead to variations from constructions to education and real estate. And achieving such elevations at a young age in such a variant field is an outcome of conventional determination and hard work. For a man whose personality is rich, enthusiastic, and deliberate to build an empire their business tactics formulated are disparate and unique in their own way.

A 33-Year-old young man Yahia Hawwari who is the passionate entrepreneur, thriving his businesses successfully in 3 different countries at such a young age is actually commendable. Whatever he has achieved till now and the path he is working on is applaudable.


Yahia left at an early age for Cyprus to accomplish his bachelor in Computer Engineering. There was the actual exposure he experienced and discovering his passion ignited the spark in him. He was blessed with a family business, thus it was easy for him to experience and learn the right tactics to work for expansion and advancement of his own good as well as for his businesses. After a, few years he went to The United States where he started his first business after he gained enough experience being enrolled in his already existing family business.


He is a smart man who knows how to carry himself well, which makes his persona delightful and attractive. His poise and style are magnificently unique in its own way, his iconic “Watch and Boots” pose have become really popular among his followers away from being called “the guy with the tremendous watch collection”. He is a Rich guy with a spectacular collection of 35+ watches that are adequately extraordinary in itself. Like his personality, his watches can be seen as having vast variations. Adding to his watches collection he has one gem watch with the Jordanian Royal family signature along with a fully Iced Out Rolex in Arabic Dial which makes it remarkable and one of a kind in itself. Collecting watches is not just a hobby for him it’s more of a styling obsession for him and he has retained it to be the most valuable collection he has.


His investments are not very limited in his super-precious time-piece collection. He has amassed more than 10 single-digit license plate numbers. The license plate numbers trading is very prevalent in the middle east but it is not very handily accessible and is highly expensive. His crusades have enabled him to refine more purchases to have in total more than a couple million dollars’ worth of license plate numbers which is additional to the value of the actual cars.

Yahia’s life has been very luxurious and he has styled it in his own way. He has his priorities and was always aware of how to set them right. But amidst all of his hobbies, he has never subsided his work and has always been equally invested in it. Now this Perfectly styled Fashion iconic entrepreneur, having all eyes stuck at him his next move is super-awaited by everybody else as to where is he going to invest his prime presence, time, and capability now.

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