Willie C. Ruffin aka popular CashMob YP is the Hip Hop artist to look out for in 2021

Showing immense potential to make it to the top of the slot, he’s getting popular by the day.

The music realm has seen hordes of artists entering into it and showcasing their talent in the most apt manner. Some have given exceptionally timeless melodies while some have grabbed all the audiences’ attention owing their unique style and distinct tonal quality. They have been mesmerizing music lovers with their melodies and have won a million of hearts since time. Out of the new lot of music artists who have proved their creative worth by exuding music which has swept the listeners off their feet is Willie C. Ruffin aka CashMob YP from Meridian, Mississippi. This music soul has achieved popularity in no time since he debuted and is racing ahead of time to reach unexplored heights.

Willie C. Ruffin was quite young when he got drawn towards music, 3 years old to be precise. Learning computers and making music was what enchanted him and his love for rhythms and melodies made him dwell deep into the subject, which he mastered with time. “Music was deep down my soul and since my early days I got involved in it to grasp it to its roots. After spending a great amount of time, I finally got confident enough to make my professional debut and readied myself for it.” Artists like Bobby King and Willie C. Ruffin Sr were the ones who inspired him to chase his dreams and make it happen in reality. The road to success was not easy, as he had to go through a lot of troubled times to reach the position where he stands today. After going through a series of setbacks, he finally made it to his dream destination, of being known as a Hip Hop and R&B genre artist.

He has given some of the most popular singles like No Comin Bacc and BaCC in Blood Remix. He says he’s all set to drop his new releases in the coming months and is gearing up for the big day.

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