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Why Joseph Hanna Continues to Rise as the Go-To Photographer in Bay Area




Joseph Hanna has surely made a name for himself as one of the most in-demand photographers in the Bay Area and around the world. Behind stunning portraits and memorable content, the photographer takes pride in the fact that he can do it all. From photography, videography to graphic and web design, he asks the question, “Why hire more than one person for one job?”

He was always creative by nature. He loved to take photos, shoot videos, and make content. For seven years, Joseph Hanna studied and trained to hone his craft in the photo, video, and graphic world and potentially one day make it a reality. Indeed, success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

After years of doing what he loves and learning his craft, his family motivated him to take one step further and turn his idea into reality. The opportunity came, and he was so ready for it. By January of this year, he officially signed up to get his license and built his own brand. This is how Joseph Hanna Photography came to be.

As a man of many talents, he consistently delivers creativity and quality. He has one of the best graphic design work in the area. Even other photographers look up to him for his work.

However, Joseph Hanna knows that in order to survive in this industry, he must be able to stand out among the rest. So besides excellence in his craft, he sets the standard when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Anyone who has ever worked with Joseph Hanna can attest to his professionalism. Many of them were surprised as he exceeded their expectations every time. Indeed, he is relentless in meeting the needs of his clients.

“I am always updating my clients throughout the project. Constant communication with my clients and their final approval is what Joseph Hanna Photography is about,” he shares.

For him, this is something he wouldn’t call a job. He does everything as a passion.

“I see Joseph Hanna Photography thriving as a company as a whole with a great clientele. I would rather do something that I love and have a passion for than something I hate,” he reveals.

To this day, he continues to raise the bar higher and thrive both as a creative and business.

Photography for him is not looking, it’s feeling. He would say, “if you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

During shoots, he flows with creativity and makes everyone around him comfortable. Joseph Hanna takes everything into consideration, even up to the smallest detail, to get the perfect shot. It’s no wonder why he has reached a level that not a lot of people had the chance to delve into.

Eight months into the industry, and Joseph Hanna shows no signs of slowing down. But you can trust that he will continue to stay above the competition and prove what Joseph Hanna Photography is all about.

To know more about Joseph Hanna Photography, visit his website. You can also follow his work on Instagram and Facebook.

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