Emerging Artist Dajon Michaels’ New Hit Release “Modern Hyroglyphics” is Produced by Hip Hop Icon Warren G

Dajon Michaels, a rising recording artist has come up with his new single titled “Modern Hyroglyphics” that is produced by iconic west coast artist, Warren G. Warren G has added authenticity to this new single by introducing classic G-Funk synth and bassline to it. And it has helped the national recording artist, Dajon Michaels to deliver it confidently.

The new single, “Modern Hyroglyphics” is recorded under the banner, VIP Records, which is distributed through Empire Distribution. Hyroglyphics were characters used by ancient civilizations in order to describe the events going on around them.

And in today’s time, this thing is replaced by graffiti on the walls. “Modern Hyroglyphics” revolves around maneuvering through the city by reading the writing stuff displayed on the walls.

The artist Dajon has said that the song has a realistic touch and it is relatable to many people who grew up in this type of environment. In his words, he says, “To me the song means reality. I think the song is definitely a reality for so many of us and it’s something a lot of people will be able to relate to if they grew up in this type of environment.”

Dajon has appreciated Warren G’s efforts in this new hip-hop release. And he has said that it is Warren G who has laid the foundation for this song and worked to ensure the choice of the right way for storytelling in it. Further, he has added that Warren G has added authenticity to the song using his experience in the hip-hop world.

Dajon Michaels, an emerging hip-hop star, on the West Coast, is recording new music. At present, he is also working as a Firefighter in Long Beach, California. You can watch the official lyric video for the song and Stream or Download “Modern Hyroglyphics” via VIP Records/Empire distribution by visiting the link, https://vip.fanlink.to/Hyroglyphics.

In order to know more about Dajon Michaels, you can follow @DajonMichaels on Instagram. One can also visit his Twitter profile to follow him. 

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