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Why Influencers Trust Los Silva To Build Their Brands




Do you know that successful businesses have incorporated branding as an investment due to the profound rooted nature of branding being an asset? It is on this front that many influencers have gradually built their trust in Los Silva. Los not only portrays his authority as a brand expert but also shows the flip side of his gradual growth to becoming who he is today. 

He started off speaking at small events and subsequently expanded his portfolio to working with other brands by helping them scale and grow their network base. As a result, Los attracted a large following on his Instagram and other social platforms. However, it has not been easy for Los; in 2008, he lost his first company and had no option but to start all over again. He later grew and built other companies but left because of partnership issues. 

Nevertheless, he was determined to break loose from his bottlenecks. To achieve his goals, Los created unique habits such as focusing and having a great mindset. That is thinking and acting accordingly while staying dialed into his plans, with a clear mission and vision. What attracts most influencers to Los Silva is his approach towards all his clients.


Los Silva exhibits impeccable creative ideas that have enabled him to come up with high-quality branding strategies. From his creativity, he has built one brand from 20k a month to over 2 million a month in just under a year. Many companies call Los when they need a strategy to scale their business, add new marketing channels, and connect with influencers to build powerful brands. Los is now one of the most sought out speakers who has shared stages with Tony Hawk and Ed Mylett, to mention a few. 

Los believes that having thorough due diligence conducted in the target market will enable you to identify your competitor, unravel the gaps in the market, and plan strategies that work and have a solid base.

Excellent Communication Skills

Running successful marketing and branding campaigns requires an excellent command of good communication skills—both internally with your teams and externally with your clients. Los Silva understands very well how to blend the message and find innovative ways to use the digital platforms to drive potential leads to the client’s business and pass out the right message to the end-users. 

Strong Online Presence

Los Silva has been able to market his SVG holdings business, which has made it a brand name in the digital marketing platform. As a result, he has been able to earn trust from most influencers who have a clear overview of his track record and impeccable business strategies. He works extra-hard to ensure that all his clients rank high on search engines and leave excellent marks on social media platforms.

Los Silva advises others to create strong future bonds with their clients well beyond just being business acquaintances. 

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