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What Are Some Of Omar Choudhury’s Key Attributes He Believes Lead To A Successful Business?




Often, successful entrepreneurs are asked for the secret behind what drove their success. A lot of people believe that there might be one business strategy or online course that they can replicate to see the same results. However, when you ask most successful business owners for advice, you may find them talk more about their internal attributes that were the foundations they built their empire upon. 

Omar’s Story 

Omar Choudhury, aka OmarConnects, a 21-year-old entrepreneur is best known for his ability to build and monetize credible brands online. Having closed over $1M within his first 10 months of coming into the game, Omar is set to end the year on a high note.  

Despite his amazing results, Omar did not grow up around money. Although his parents were well-educated, he came from a low-income household. Having been accepted into a prestigious paid degree apprenticeship, in his second year Omar came to realize being trapped in a 9-5 would not allow you to live your life how you wanted. This realization had Omar take the risk to drop out of his university and his job at a Big 4 Accountancy firm, only 3 months into starting his entrepreneurship journey. Was the risk worth it? “I forgot I even used to work a job,” Omar tells us!

Key Attributes 

Omar emphasizes that there is not one magic formula to success, however, he does highlight some of the attributes which have helped him. Omar is a keen believer in having an abundant mindset. This is the belief of having endless resources and opportunities all around you if you allow yourself to see them. You cannot have a limiting mindset Omar advises his audience. One of the phrases he lives by is “Successful people don’t complain about a lack of resources, they complain about a lack of resourcefulness”.

Another attribute Omar feels is critical towards success is being loyal to your team and ethically conducting business. Omar realized at the start of his journey, if he stuck to one team and put 100% into it, he would see results greater than everyone who suffers from shiny object syndrome. This loyalty is the reason why Grow With Us is the number 1 ranking Instagram Branding Agency and have such a portfolio of success. “People over profits” is another phrase he lives by. 

The ability to network is of course a key skill to have in any industry. “The more hands you shake, the more deals you make,” Omar tells us. You do not have to pitch every single person you meet, rather build real relationships and help people where you can, and eventually, those sales will come around easily.

What’s Next For Omar

Omar plans on continuing to build his clientele portfolio out and expand his amazing team at Grow With Us. He sees the business hitting multi 8-figures within the next 12 months and is excited to see more individuals learn how to monetize their brands to the next level. Apart from that, he’s building out his investment portfolio and continuously learning how to become a better entrepreneur every single day. 

We look forward to what Omar has planned for the rest of the year

To keep up with him, or to scale your brand, message him on Instagram or LinkedIn

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