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Angelle Wilbur On Natural Healing, Faith-Based Holistic Coaching, And Financial Freedom




Angelle Wilbur, the owner of Angelic Health, began her virtual holistic coaching company while attempting to salvage her own mental and physical condition. After spending most of her life suffering from the symptoms of chronic illness, she began visiting dozens of conventional and natural practitioners in medicine for answers. She received a broad spectrum of labels for what was causing chronic panic attacks, depression, brain fog, acne, and fatigue. She felt hopeless, as countless professionals diagnosed her with various diseases, ranging from PCOS, celiac disease, colitis, asthma, to IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctors were quick to inform her that there was no cure, yet that is when her own intuition kicked in. Though feeling overwhelmed, Angelle had a deep sense of knowing that she could take her power back and heal her own body naturally. She credits God for creating our bodies in such a miraculous form that it is able to regenerate itself, but she also believes we are solely responsible for systematizing our bodies to a higher condition so that it may heal. After about 10 years of debilitating symptoms, Angelle began to dabble in a plant-based diet, where she then discovered juicing and the significance of different herbs and supplements. When she discovered the power of breath-work and prayer, in conjunction with a diet abundant in foods with medicinal properties, she began to see her healing occur and accelerate! Angelle’s fervor for healing naturally did not stop with her own body, and she was instantly motivated to help others do the same.

“The more I understand how powerful the human body is, the more I want to guide others to heal their physical bodies so they can pursue their God-given purposes”, she says. “My passion only continues to grow.” 

Now, with even more knowledge, research, and experience, she has dedicated her life’s work to help others feel the same relief that she did. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner, Angelle has a unique approach to helping others heal, which is structured within custom healing protocols. Her approach includes assessing someone’s health from a holistic perspective — evaluating their spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, as well as their physical bodies. She combines numerous natural healing modalities and creates healing plans with specific steps so others can heal the root cause of their symptoms naturally. Currently, Angelle is making a name for herself in the holistic health community. “Angelic Health”, her virtual, holistic coaching company, has helped people all over the world to cure chronic illness and disease, and her plant-based and faith-based approach put her in a unique category. Though she was naturally inspired to begin helping others, she says turning it into her full-time business took patience to make an impact. Though she learned this virtue first hand, as her biggest obstacle was enduring the detox and pain while she was healing. Much like with her business, the perseverance was absolutely worth it to be healed, healthy, and then gain the financial freedom that allows her to live a life that serves and assists others.

Her advice for others wanting to do the same? “Just go for it! Anything is possible, and if you truly want to succeed and impact others, you will!” She believes fear doesn’t have any room to exist when you are walking with Jesus in faith. “Mindset is everything. When starting your own business, you must maintain a positive outlook. Energy flows where attention goes. If you’re focusing on your business thriving, it absolutely will.”

Angelle Wilbur’s upcoming projects include worldwide holistic healing retreats, local workshops, exclusive content, and new life coaching programs! You can find her on instagram where she is regularly provided tips and tutorials for her followers.

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