Vehicle Registration and The Law – A Quick Word

Driving and controlling a truck requires remarkable skills. That is why truckers must undergo rigorous training, followed by a strict federal licensing procedure before becoming qualified drivers. Every truck driver should know their vehicle inside and out, and the safety rules of operating one. Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Inspectors were trained professionals who understood the requirements of licensing, registration and equipment when it came to heavy commercial vehicles. The strict licensing and registration procedures in place ensure the reduction of accidents. Despite that, many truckers end up in accidents and occasionally suffer injuries or even death. Due to the sheer size and weight of a truck, controlling the vehicle in the event of an accident becomes very difficult. The operation of large commercial vehicles over the roadways requires a truck driver to be more alert, as smaller vehicles and their operators for the most part do not understand the time it takes to stop or slow a larger commercial vehicle. Speed is one enemy here.

Non registration can be disastrous

Many truck drivers have had close encounters during their trucking career. Thinking and seeing an empty road with no one in sight, the driver might accelerate, despite knowing that stopping and controlling a truck at such speed would be difficult even on an empty road. The driver could end up hitting another truck or vehicle.

Contacting The Lawyer

Regardless of how mild or severe an accident is, having the right attorney can save you the day and bring much-needed compensation from your insurer. Federal laws regarding licensing and operation of a commercial vehicle require a tough licensing examination both written and practical, and a thorough investigation after an accident. Records of your license testing and driving history, the trip sheets that include documented mandated time off from operating a heavy commercial vehicle are all fair game. For the most part a CDL (Commercial Drive License) issued through the DOT (Department of Transportation) requires a truck driver to always operate their vehicle in a safe manner. The strict testing requirements now in place make it hard to achieve a CDL. A driver must always perform a pre-trip inspection before driving it, insuring it is safe to operate the vehicle over the roadways. Once it is moving, it is the driver who is responsible.

About James Tzitzon

James Tzitzon is a former Massachusetts Registry Motor Vehicles Inspector and the author of Never Forget the History of The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Inspector – 1907-1992. As a dedicated officer, he, like many other inspectors, took every challenge head on. He is now retired and is devoting much of his time to writing this book. As an author, he believes in bringing his and other inspectors’ life experiences to readers in an easy-to-read book that is engaging and interesting. The book brings various accounts from the days when Tzitzon and others served as a Massachusetts Registry Inspector. Tzitzon and his colleagues showed courage, valor and a remarkable sense of duty while serving as inspectors until the law enforcement section of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles was abolished.

As a former law enforcement officer, Tzitzon feels like many police officers do, that there is a need to abide by traffic laws to avoid accidents and mishaps. Tzitzon’s book is crafted in a way that it is easy to read even for those who are not familiar with hard to read terminologies. Readers will find the book highly engaging and interesting thanks to the real-life incidents that the author and his fellow inspectors faced and confronted, while in the line of duty.

Tzitzon looks forward to having his book read to familiarize readers with the importance of abiding by the law and understanding the challenges every police officer faces each day while serving the public.

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