It Is Time for ‘Real Revival,’ Says A. Thomas Kozubal

On February 8, 2023, at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, an extraordinary event began that is still going on at the time of this writing.  Many are calling it a spiritual revival.  The event has been reported on local and national news, and via the internet it has gone viral around the world.  

Asbury is an evangelical Christian university. Like most Christian schools, they have Chapel (like a church service) services three days a week. During the February 8th chapel service, the guest speaker challenged the students about the reality and love of God and His expectations of Christians (from the New Testament book of Romans, Chapter 12). 

While most of the students departed the hall after chapel, a few stayed.  They took the speaker’s challenge seriously.  They were moved by it.  So, they lingered until they got right with God.  As the hours ticked by and the students did not move from their place, news that something extraordinary was happening in Hughes Auditorium quickly spread through the campus.

By that evening, hundreds of people were back in the chapel. Something unique was indeed happening.  The people were worshipping God, confessing their sin, seeking forgiveness from God and from others, and committing their lives to Him.  Within a couple of days, people from all over America and even other nations were coming to Asbury to be a part of this happening.  As of the time of this writing, what happened at Asbury is spreading to other universities across the nation.  It is spreading. 

The news of what university leaders are calling a ‘Spiritual Outpouring’ has spread like wildfire.   Many articles, reports, podcasts, and a Live Stream in Hughes Auditorium for this event took place, chronicling the events in real time.  This past week, a ‘revival’ event in Rupp Arena in nearby Lexington, KY was held.  Again, something is happening that is unique in our day and age. 

But the extraordinary is not limited to these events.  The author of Real Revival, A. Thomas Kozubal, originally wrote the manuscript out of obedience to the Lord in 2003.  He then attempted to have it published in early 2004.  He was unsuccessful in his attempts, and as a result put the manuscript in a drawer … and the experience was so discouraging that he vowed to leave it there.  The manuscript sat in a folder, hidden on a shelf for nearly 20 years.  Last September, and in a way that only God could have engineered, the author connected with a publishing house and was offered the opportunity to get Real Revival in print.  

A mere three weeks after its publication, the events at Asbury began.  

We do not believe this is a coincidence.  While 2004 was not the time for Real Revival to be published, 2023 is clearly the right time.  It is a timely book, and right on time to be read by all who wish to have answers about what to do in the wake of the events at Asbury and other places.  

Mr. Kozubal is a decades-long student of both spiritual revival and military warfare.  In Real Revival he discusses what needs to happen when the experience of a spiritual ‘outpouring,’ such as the recent one at Asbury University, begins to fade from memory.  He explains what a response to these ‘mountaintop’ experiences should look like in everyday life.  In practical detail, he outlines what a successful spiritual life in the ‘valley’ should consist of after we come down from the ‘mountain.’  

All in All

A. Thomas Kozubal invites you to come and see what spiritual revival looks like in the life of a New Testament Christian and to discover answers that will provide meaning and lasting purpose to what we see happening at Asbury and around the world.  Real Revival – The Portrait and Practice of the Spirit-Filled Life. Get your copy today!

Here are the links for the book: Real Revival – THE PORTRAIT AND PRACTICE OF SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE. 

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