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Vassilios Bitsas: The astounding American entrepreneur and marketer taking each and every step to scale brands and companies to attain their goals and visions




With so many remarkable changes and advancements that have been taking place in the online world and moreover, in the world of social media; many different firms have shown interest in coming forward to maximize and optimize these excellent opportunities in front of them especially, after the outbreak of a global pandemic. This is because many industries have gone all digital and are accepting the same as their new normal. This has paved the way for numerous marketing and viral media companies to expand their businesses as today people need them the most to scale their firms and score success for themselves as a whole organization in their respective fields. Showing his prowess in the same is a youngster named Vassilios Nikos Bitsas, only 21 years of age from Buffalo, New York who is helping to scale different companies, entrepreneurs, artists through his company called Wealth Gardens which is ahead in the game of being a leader as a viral media firm. Bitsas is also an ingenious businessman and a social media and athlete insider.

His company acts as a trailblazer in the US, which helps its clients attain remarkable results through making effective use of social media and creating superior marketing campaigns that could help them achieve their desired goals. Born in the late 1990s, Bitsas has proved that age has nothing to do with success; it is the way an individual effectively makes use of time to continually gain knowledge and apply the same in business to reach success faster. He was always interested in sports, media and business because of his parents. His inclination towards these fields made him create a lucrative career in the same at a very young age.

Today at 21, Bitsas wears the hat of the Executive VP of management and marketing at Wealth Garden Entertainment, which has created a rage as a magnificent viral media company across the globe. His constant churning of newer ideas and concepts and skills as a young marketer has taken the success of his company and his clients many levels higher by strengthening their social media marketing strategies, brand partnerships as well as their outstanding abilities to manage profiles of illustrious clients.

Not just that, Bitsas also runs an athlete and music company along with two dynamic entrepreneurs named Napoleon (Polo) Kerber, and Charles Bascom. Bitsas already has gained over three years of experience in event production work, developing businesses, and the like along with imaginatively and creatively using social media platforms advancing his clients towards more success.

In the world of viral media, Bitsas is considered to be one of the most famous and growing businessmen and influencers, whose staggering success can be noticed through the followers he has amassed at such young age across almost all social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. He was already a popular name and face on Vine, and he received the same popularity on Instagram as well by gaining millions of followers.

Bitsas is also the CEO and founder of a firm that creates press for celebs, pro athletes, musician and many other big names. Bitsas and his company serve all its clients by carrying out effective, practical and strategic marketing plans, managing their accounts and setting up events. His firm also helps its clients in making investments and dealing with stocks.

To stream his gaming content, he runs a Twitch channel named GamingWithVassilios (GamingWithV) and Rejext Club and, at the same time, also manages the Twitch account of Nate Robinsons. He keeps posting his vlogs and lifestyle videos on YouTube.

Bitsas has worked with many prominent brands like Calvin Klein, IMDB, Red-Bull, and many more. He also has worked with a long list of influencers like Mackenzie Sol, Nate Robinson, Lil Pump, Jake Paul, Izadi, Supreme Patty, Logan Paul, and many others.

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