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Vantage Point Inc. Sets Out To Prioritize People Over Profits




After several years working at another non-profit, CEO and founder of Vantage Point Inc., Michele Jodock, has assisted hundreds of individuals with disabilities ranging from autism, Aspergers, cerebral palsy, brain  injuries and more in finding paying jobs. Although successful in her own right, Michele grew aware of funds being severely misappropriated within the organization, leaving employees frustrated and poorly compensated for their incredible work. Additionally, she realized that there were no programs specifically tailored for high-functioning individuals with disabilities.

Using her prior experience and taking note of the shortcomings of the organization she previously worked for, Michele set off on her own and founded Vantage Point Inc. With the ability to run lean and pay higher wages, Vantage Point Inc. has been able to attract an educated and passionate staff to deliver the best possible results to their clientele. In tandem, Michele also developed a cutting-edge proprietary curriculum to teach modern day job seeking skills which is specifically tailored for each client.

Vantage Point Inc. is a certified vendor of the Department of Rehabilitation. After opening a case with the Department of Rehabilitation, anyone over the age of 18 can receive service from Vantage Point at zero cost. Vantage Point Inc. aims to make a large social impact. They believe all businesses should provide inclusive environments for those with disabilities. Working to enrich and cultivate unique skill sets in these individuals, they not only help their clients find work and create independence but they also supply businesses with high-quality job candidates who are ready to adapt and succeed in their positions.

Differing from other employment agencies, Vantage Point’s personal approach to their clients allows them to get the most out of themselves. Blending in-person learning, weekly meetings with a dedicated job developer, proprietary curriculum, and a web-based app that teaches based on specific needs, Vantage Point Inc. values what makes each client unique and capitalizes on their strengths. It’s mission is to enrich the lives of their clients and help them feel accepted and valuable in our communities.

Currently operating in San Diego, Vantage Point Inc. has partnered directly with businesses such as Starbucks, Legoland, FedEx, Home Depot, and many more to create a bridge for disabled individuals to seek employment. Vantage Point’s large network of employers and their commitment to cultivating excellence in their clients is a combination that is truly phenomenal. With future plans to expand into Los Angeles and other major hubs in southern California as well as other states across the country, Vantage Point Inc. is sure to be a mainstay for generations to come, creating opportunity and independence every step of the way.

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