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Val Cortez, a Travel Influencer, Teaches People to Take Risks to Live a Dream Life




The internet revolution has given wings to many people to fly high in the sky in a limitless fashion. Today, many people are exploring what they love and following it with the help of social media. There is a lot to explore & experience in the digital world for every person to follow his dreams.

Travel influencing is an excellent option available with everyone to live a free life on their own terms. Hence, many people are turning into digital entrepreneurs to use technical means to the maximum to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Val Cortez is one example who has dared to follow her passion in life and she has managed to become successful in it. Today, she is a popular name in the social media world as she has impressed everyone with her travel influencing ability.

Desire to Build a Unique Identity

Val Cortez could have satisfied with her ordinary life but it was her desire to live a free life on her own terms that pushed her to walk after her dreams. Popular as “Val Around The World” on social media, the beautiful figure is known for her exotic & sensual appeal. Along with this, she has also gained popularity for her strong entrepreneurial skills.

Born in Lima, Peru, Val Cortez grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she studied Occupational health and safety. From the very beginning, Val wanted to live an independent life and hence she started her own business, an eyelash extensions salon, at just 25.

Slow and Steady Progress with a Positive Mindset

Val Cortez started her entrepreneurial journey from her small living room and she worked hard with full dedication to establish her own little lash room. With time, she started gaining popularity in the lash business within Buenos Aires. After a year, she participated in the Latino American lash convention in Buenos Aires and won the first price in it

Dares to Dream Big

Although things were going pretty well for her, she wanted to fulfill big dreams to live an independent lifestyle. The main problem for her while running her business was that she had to devote her time physically to run a lash salon. In such a scenario, it was not possible for her to live a free life fully.

Val was always passionate about traveling to experience new cultures, languages, and people. So, after 2 years, she went on her first trip to Europe in 2017 to see her national football team playing in the World Cup after a gap of 30 years. So, she canceled all her plans to visit Russia 2 days after her team’s qualification and this trip brought something new out of her as it changed everything for her.

Utilizes the Power of Social Media

With time, Val started missing traveling as she had to focus on her business. Hence, she started using the live-streaming worldwide app, Instagram, to connect with people, meet friends, and talk with them about traveling. Val began to gain exposure in the world as she started experiencing fun while talking to her audience.

Trusting the Convictions

After gaining popularity on the app, Val got extremely popular as she started earning for many weeks. She realized that she could easily create an income that could allow her to live a dream life alongside fulfilling her passion for traveling.

Soon, Val closed her shop and took a big risk to start traveling the world to boost her social media presence. When she left home in 2019, Val Cortez had 12k followers and now she has got 960k followers with constant growth.

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