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Turkish DJ Eren AB Set to Make Waves in 2020




The New Year is already in full swing, which is why top talent producers and managers are stacking up who they anticipate to be the most in-demand DJs and performers during the summer season. Turkish DJ, Eren Abdullahoglu, named as a rising star in 2019, is topping the lineups for major EDM performances and after-hour parties in both New York City and the Hamptons come this spring, a testament to his music, performance art, and uncanny networking abilities.

Handsome, connected, and hungry to continue growing and rising in the world of electronica, DJ Eren has been at this game for some time now. First foraying into the world of DJing in Europe, where we harnessed his natural talents for the bigger stages in the U.S., the Turkish DJ achieved his biggest dream by moving to New York City to work with the best in the DJ business. He wanted to make it in competitive night clubs with the top promoters and producers in the world, never happy settling for second best.

Knowing he needed something to set him apart from the competition, DJ Eren AB attended the prestigious Electronic Music Production DJ School, developing his musical talents and exploring different sub-genres that really spoke to him and his musical creative abilities. While attending the school, DJ Eren was testing his hands at different nightclub settings, helping him to harness his focus within dynamic performance spaces that include screaming, shouting, singing, dancing, flashing lights, and ungodly late hours.

Today, DJ Eren AB collaborates with some of the biggest names in the game, earning him invitations to some of the most exclusive Hamptons parties on Long Island, New York. Set to play at countless celebrities’ homes starting Memorial Day Weekend, DJ Eren knows how to keep a secret – it’s why he keeps earning invites to some of the most secretive get-togethers in the world.

Penchant for Performance

“Nothing invigorates me more than getting behind my DJ table, allowing my music to flow through my veins and out into the speakers in any given venue. It’s undoubtedly where I am supposed to be, and what I am supposed to be doing,” said DJ Eren.

As demand for EDM DJs continues to increase, with the genre topping worldwide charts behind names like Kygo and Calvin Harris, DJ Eren’s talents are in high demand for 2020. The Turkish DJ is hoping to play even more shows and experiment with new sounds and accents in his highly anticipated 2020 singles.

Until then, you can catch DJ Eren AB tearing up New York City’s hottest nightclubs. If you want to book him for any private summer parties, contact his agent quickly before all of his available slots are gone.

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